egregious ’80’s music: total eclipse of the heart (bonnie tyler)

turn around, bright eyes

am i the only one who watches this video and gets creeped out by the voice that keeps repeating turn around? i keep waiting for the serial killer to pop out of somewhere. it’s bad enough tyler seems to be dreaming about the boys in her school. but the serial killer? eek. fortunately, there are people who took the video on and made it a bit less scary for people like me.

a must-see:

we have jim steinman, man behind meatloaf, to blame for this song. somehow, it wasn’t enough to spread the schmaltz just with the ‘loaf. or maybe the ‘loaf rejected this one… i don’t see anyone calling him bright eyes.

fun trivia factoid for you brooooce fans out there — mighty max weinberg plays drums on this one. yeah, i feel proud now, too.

4 Responses to “egregious ’80’s music: total eclipse of the heart (bonnie tyler)”

  1. I can’t think of this song without thinking of Cate Blanchett singing it in the movie Bandits. Totally made the song worthwhile for me. Sometimes the cheese is just so bad it’s good.

  2. OK, I have to disagree with you on this song (though not on the video). I love this song, but this is probably context more than anything. I must have listened to it incessantly freshman year of college when Mike (your first husband) was at Cornell and I was in NYC. Sob, boo hoo, teenage schmaltz. I still love it, though I hate the remake that’s out now.

  3. Now you’re just saying words for the sake of saying words. This song is truly amazing, and a complete ’80s icon. More and more street cred down the drain.

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