egregious ’80’s songs: endless love (lionel richie and diana ross)

unce…tice…fee times a mady…

it probably didn’t help that i hatedhatedHATED the eponymous film, but the theme song to 1981’s endless love always makes my stomach turn. actually, most of lionel richie’s output in the ’80s does as well. i always have the urge to throw my hands all over BS’s face whenever hello comes on. i usually smoosh his face around and say this is what you look like to me. ah, those magical days of video… anyway, as for the movie, nothing says romance like a boyfriend who burns down his girlfriend’s house (even when john lennon proposes it as a capital idea in song.)

endless love pairs the king of soulful schmaltz with the queen of divadom, miss diana ross. former supreme mary wilson has written aplenty about miss ross and her selflessness so i won’t tread there myself. suffice to say, pair these two together and you’re going to have a hot mess on your hands, musically speaking. endless love always sounded like it was destined for elevators everywhere. while it was the biggest hit of diana ross’s career, it sounds like one of the worst songs she’s ever sung. she ends up sounding like a yappy dog, barking to be freed from a sweater and a handbag.

and lionel richie just makes me sleepy.

for me, it’s an endless song. pity.





5 Responses to “egregious ’80’s songs: endless love (lionel richie and diana ross)”

  1. Funny, the song played a big part in last night’s Glee and sounded pretty good.

  2. Too funny – I was also going to say – “Hey, they used it in Glee last night! And it wasn’t half bad.” Clearly having someone sing it with some depth of emotion and a really good voices helps the song a ton 🙂

  3. i may be the only person who has not yet seen glee. but you know — elvis costello could sing endless love and my mouth would still fill with vomit.

  4. I haven’t seen Glee yet either. I’ll probably start watching it in a couple of years–that seems to be my trend. I’ve only in the last week started watching the first season of Mad Men.

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