egregious ’80’s music: she’s like the wind (patrick swayze)

she breaks like the wind…

sadly, we lost patrick swayze this year. an accomplished actor and dancer with a fabulous comedic streak, swayze should have quit while he was ahead.

but nooooooooo.

during the making of dirty dancing, swayze shared this song, originally recorded in 1984 for a movie that did not use it, with his producers,  who passed it along to someone who could actually make the song happen. and happen it did, all over the place, on the coattails of the wildly-successful movie. i suppose i ought to be grateful — it was his one and only hit, and it doesn’t appear that he tried again after this, sparing the world of more aural misery.

the ultimate stamp of approval sign of success: david hasselhoff covered it on his greatest hits album. sadly, youtube does not offer that lovely version up, so please accept this consolation prize: the hoff’s cover of hooked on a feeling. (hey~ don’t hassle the hoff!)

RIP, patrick swayze. i think you’ll prefer to be remembered for your work beyond this song. and you will.


6 Responses to “egregious ’80’s music: she’s like the wind (patrick swayze)”

  1. Wow… after agreeing with the majority of your 70s list, it’s amazing how much I disagree with your 80s list so far. Maybe it’s just ’cause you’re hating on sappy love songs and I kinda like them.

  2. The “hoff” was huge in Germany.

    Hey, all those German’s can’t be wrong!

  3. No kidding – this was a sign of not knowing your talent’s limits 😉

    He was a great comedic actor – Too Wong Foo is probably my favorite of his.

  4. Swayze’s vocals were so weak. What were the producers thinking.

  5. it’s ok, scott. we can still be friends.

  6. the anecdote about how the song got in the movie explains alot. like why there was one anachronistic 80s song on a soundtrack of 60s pop songs, and why analytical viewers will always be dumbfounded as to how baby was like the wind.

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