egregious ’80’s music: what about love (heart)

what about your career?

i heart heart. as a girl in the 1970s, i loved to hear ann and nancy wilson kicking ass musically. they wrote amazing songs, they intrepidly covered zeppelin, and they showed that ladies could rock as hard as any guy out there. they were utter inspiration to me and to millions of girls. when i was 13, i thought you could do a lot worse than be ann wilson.

but times changed. they needed a hit in the ’80s, something slick and refined that would garner airplay and MTV play. and on the video front, record company management supposedly didn’t like the fact that ann fought with her weight — apparently, you need to be skinny and hot to be a major rock star. (go ahead. watch the videos for this or anything else they did in the 1980s. you’ll see plenty of shots of blonde nancy and her svelteness. you’ll get tighter shots of ann from the chest up. it’s unreal.) so ann and nancy made some schlocky records and kept the lens focusing away from ann, a giant slap in the face of a rock queen.

the schlockiest of the schlock, what about love, makes me cry to see how the mighty had fallen.

there are few words to share how much i loathe this song. they sound like they’re shouting the chorus, sort of  like barking dogs. between this song and never, i pretty much shut them out for the rest of the decade, hiding myself in their old records. we can’t go on running away they sang, but i was willing to try to run as fast and as far as i could from their newfangled image until it stopped.


3 Responses to “egregious ’80’s music: what about love (heart)”

  1. Dreamboat Annie is still one of my favourite albums. And Crazy On You is one of my favourite songs to sing along to…I keep waiting for it to get added to Rock Band. It’s just sad to think that a band that created such great music in the 70’s produced such schlock in the 80’s.

  2. Jonny Burns Says:

    I’ve always thought Heart should cover songs by bands/singers who sould peel the paint off walls – Soundgardersn Rusty Cage, Some Led Zepplin, Sonic Reducer by the Dead Boys – Just absoloute screamin’ cheetah sonic rages

  3. What I disliked most about this song was the vocals. The women sound like they are positively screaming. It made my throat hurt every time I heard “What About Love.”

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