egregious ’80’s music: eye of the tiger (survivor)

tonight’s top story: five men with the will to survive a walk through the mean streets in jeans so tight, they will likely cause a blood clot.

[embedding is borked on this one, so you can click through to you tube to listen to it in all it’s splendor or you can merely click here.]

eye of the tiger, theme song from rocky XXX, has been parodied so many times, it is difficult to even think about it in a fresh way.  (here’s some weird al for you, BS, because i love you.) one has to suffer through it every time a TV show wants to be cute and show its protagonist undertaking some incredibly trivial trial. it ends up getting played by every freaking team with a tiger mascot. and if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then there are a jillion people out there who fancy this song.

i would not be one of them.

all these macho anthems become favorites of people whose most difficult survival experience is making it through a day of work without snapping and going on a shooting spree.  this was bombastic and overblown when it was released in 1982. now, it sits, like a bloated elvis, ready to topple over and off a toilet.  please join me as i try to close the eye of the tiger. let it rest peacefully in the annals of history. it’s 2009. no one should have to suffer needlessly through this song anymore.

it’s time to euthanize the beast.


4 Responses to “egregious ’80’s music: eye of the tiger (survivor)”

  1. please note that i wrote this before the fort hood debacle. i am not making fun of what happened there in the least and i am horrified by the carnage.

  2. Oh, the loathing I have for this song! And thanks to Rock Band it may never go away.

  3. Can’t believe you neglected the classic “Eye of the White Team” from color war ’82! Weird Al, my butt.

  4. I was tired of this song right after it came out. Aaargh!

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