egregious ’80’s music: pass the dutchie (musical youth)

how do you feel when you got no herb?

mon, i like me my reggae as much as the next gal, but seriously? give this song by the mighty diamonds a listen and you tell me…

the song, originally pass the kouchie (slang for bong), was sanitized for these british-jamaican schoolboys and converted into a song about a dutchie (cooking pot.) Loaded with political overtones (how do you feel when you got no food?), the song shot to number one here and all over the place.

Something about the song drove me nuts when it came out. Was it the mind-numbing chorus that echoed through my brain on constant repeat? Was it the fact that boys were singing a song that really, really was about drug use, nudge-nudge, wink-wink, for someone else’s commercial success? Was it the fact that a piece of the melody sounded a little like a carpenter’s song i loathed, top of the world? or was it the fact that half the time, i could not figure out what the hell the little dude was saying?

who knows. but the song has not improved with age, at least not for me.

enjoy the earworm.


4 Responses to “egregious ’80’s music: pass the dutchie (musical youth)”

  1. Aw, see this song falls in the category of guilty pleasure for me. I thought it was a fun song when it first came out and I still do.

  2. Thank God you put in the original version. At least that one sounds good.

  3. at the time this came out, i was an avid listener to wrsu’s reggae show. so i knew the mighty diamonds’ original (and very, very stoned-sounding) version, and was annoyed at this new edition-esque treatment. i still went out and bought their album, which was pretty much ub40-ish ’80s brit reggae.

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