egregious ’80’s music: at this moment (billy and the beaters)

the beaters?

at this moment is one of those songs that didn’t do amazingly well the first time around (1981), but boy, the second time was the charm, thanks to my boy alex p. keaton. alex, played by my beloved michael j. fox, was one of the star characters of the hit ’80s comedy family ties, a show that poked fun at liberals and conservatives alike. during the show, alex fell in love with a young lady named ellen reed who was played by tracy pollan. pollan and fox ultimately married in real life and are still together to this day, raising a family and fighting the good fight against fox’s parkinson’s disease. anyway, during some charged romantic scene between alex and ellen, at this moment played in the background. apparently, people went nuts and asked for this song. one quick re-release later and bingo, bango, billy vera and the beaters had a hit on their hands.

i tend to shy away from sappy songs, and this one is definitely retro-sap. with sincere apologies to friends like testosterone zone (who i know loves this song dearly), i never could stand this song. and the beaters? what sort of beaters? the mind reels.

billy went on to guest star in plenty of TV and movie projects and is still involved in music today, both playing and as an historian. the beaters are still playing with billy.  (i know. that sentence simply is wrong. bear with me. i didn’t name the band.) and easy listening stations everywhere continue to play at this moment, perhaps somewhere at this moment.



3 Responses to “egregious ’80’s music: at this moment (billy and the beaters)”

  1. OK, so 2 for 3 not bad so far. Must disagree with this one.

  2. What can I say? There’s no accounting for taste. 😉

  3. This song drove me nuts, too.

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