egregious ’80’s music: lady in red (chris de burgh)

never heard a song that made me want to lose my lunch so bad…

ah, the lady in red. somehow, it sounds so much more romantic, lady in red, then, say, the harlot in scarlet. when this song came out in 1986, i was a bit sour on the idea of love. (to put it mildly.) sappy love songs, especially ones that are the aural equivalent of valium as this one is to me, were not my style, not then and not now. how lovely, a romantic contrarian might think, that the singer remembers what his wife was wearing the first time they met (as the story goes.) i’m sure if you asked my husband what i was wearing, he would have that deer in the headlights look. fortunately, there are so many, many other important reasons why he is a keeper. (hell. there are days when i’m not entirely certain what i had for breakfast.)

anyway, as a followup to his earlier minor hit don’t pay the ferryman, de burgh’s lady in red was just incredibly disappointing to me.  it is the poster child for the concept of twee.

as an aside, i cannot hear this song now without thinking of one of the most psychotic television characters i have seen in a long time: trevor morgan.  trev, who i am pretty sure was voted the worst of the worst in terms of meanness on a variety of UK polls, is the presumed dead ex-husband of Little Mo on my beloved EastEnders.  an incredibly abusive spouse, trevor would pummel the mousy Mo and make her feel like she had earned it. he shoved her face in food on the floor and made her eat it. he bloodied her. her had an affair — with a baby resulting — and yelled at Mo for trying to figure it all out.

finally, on a new years eve, Little Mo was babysitting at pauline fowler’s house when the doorbell rang.

ding dong: psycho calling!

mo made the grave error of opening the door. BAM! trevor came in and started to pound away. only, too bad for trevor: pauline fowler kept her kitchen well-stocked with cleaning supplies. mo grabbed a hot iron she was using and BAM! she beat the hell out of trevor. her sisters came in and helped her hide trevor’s body and clean up the kitchen, but when they went to check on trevor’s body — he had disappeared…

little mo ended up spending time in prison for what she had done, and trevor continued to terrorize her until he essntially burned up in a house explosion, along with the at-the-time hottie on the square, tom. such a waste, but for such a good cause.

anyway, what does all of this have to do with lady in red?

lady in red was little mo and trevor’s song.


4 Responses to “egregious ’80’s music: lady in red (chris de burgh)”

  1. I think that may have been my prom song. Otherwise, it was just that my friend Karen wore a red prom dress and her BF was at a loss for what song to dedicate to her…it was a DUH moment…

  2. I’d rather enjoyed Don’t Pay the Ferry Man and also Spanish Train, so when Chris deBurgh came out with this drivel I was massively disappointed. And, oh my goodness, this song got so much airplay! Ugh. Awful stuff.

  3. It was my cousin’s favorite song. We had to hear it, ad nauseum, at her Bat Mitzvah and her wedding. I can’t stand that wobbly melody line; it makes my ears bleed … red. 😉

  4. 2 for 2! Cant wait to see whats in store for us!

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