guilty pleasure monday: drown (smashing pumpkins)

a rarity: something by the smashing pumpkins that i actually like!

i never got the smashing pumpkins. there was something so calculated and so predictable about their approach to music that i just could never get too excited about anything they did. the music never worked for me. plus, they kinda creeped me out.

sadly, i could not escape the pumpkins in the ’90s. i still remember when mellon collie and the infinite sadness was released. i was one of four tech producers (and about six or seven account managers and business-type people) stuffed into a windowless office. the geekers all sat in the four corners of the room, while the other folks were circled around haphazardly. one of my fellow geeks was a huge pumpkins fan, and when mellon collie came out, he played it. constantly. to this day, i cannot abide that double album.  if i don’t hear bullet with butterfly wings anymore in my lifetime, it will be too soon.

but long before mellon collie entered the picture, there was drown, a song the pumpkins contributed to the movie singles. (damn, just thinking about that soundtrack puts a paul westerberg earworm in my head. but i digress…) there’s a certain languid dreaminess to drown that i really enjoy. if you’re in one of those moods, the song will envelope you in a way that lets you wallow forever.

however, there’s only so much wallowing a person can do before wallowing becomes boring. so in small doses, i heart this song.

just don’t call me a pumpkins fan.


One Response to “guilty pleasure monday: drown (smashing pumpkins)”

  1. Paul Murphy Says:

    Not bad in a languid sort of way. Kinda fun.

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