guilty pleasure monday: obsession (Étienne daho)

yep. this one will be chalked up to the WTF category.

you silly american pig-dogs, thinking i’m talking about a different obsession from the 1980s. this one comes from france, le pay avec des pommes frites de ‘freedom’, mais oui?

who is etienne daho? well, using all the french-reading-powers that i can summon from four years of francais (avec ma professeur madame donovan pour trois des ans! mon dieu!), he’s a soulful guy who writes, produces, and sings. beyond that, i need to consult with my friend, mr. wikipedia. apparently — and like jerry lewis — daho is big in france and england. oui! he has even had marianne faithfull on one of his tracks, reading from her great-uncle’s creepily famous work, venus in furs. (yes, virginia. as in the one sung about by the velvet underground.)

(ou est la salle de bains, s’il-vous plait?)

of course, no one in america seems to know of him. so how did i stumble onto this guy with the hot voice?

simple. one day, while writing, i put on the french cafe station of rhapsody. amidst a sea of songs with accordians and songs that sounded like what the hip starbucks on the seine might play, this song came on. it stuck out. i was captivated. je ne sais quoi.

not feeling particularly wordy today, so just go ahead and give it a listen. extra BONUS points to anyone who feels like translating.



4 Responses to “guilty pleasure monday: obsession (Étienne daho)”

  1. On first glance, I thought it was Dustin Hoffman. Well, back up… first I was watching the dude dance and wondering WTF… then I remembered he was French and all was explained. 😉

    I had 7 years of French in high school and a year of it in college (mon dieu!). I dig the sound — so no questions here! I can’t follow the lyrics, though… maybe if I spend a few hours I can suss it out, but then I’d not dig the song so much.

  2. you were in high school for *seven years*? dude, that may be a record 😉


    but seriously, i’m not worthy. i think i slept through my last year of ma classe de francais, but there’s a story behind that.

  3. Cool song! Never heard of the guy. And I like him a lot better than Jerry Lewis.

    The sound reminds me a bit of The Dandy Warhols. Actually, the sound makes me think he’d look hipper than he does.

  4. Etienne is awesome! What an awesome find… i think i might watch that more than the Chris Brown Minnesota wedding entrance.

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