guilty pleasure monday: the man with the child in his eyes (kate bush)

in honor of my beloved friend karin, who is stuck inside of casper with the jersey blues again.

i attended a womens college in the mid 1980s. that should be sufficient enough an explanation for why i love kate bush and her glinda the good witch voice.

but for those of you who a) didn’t attend a womens college in the mid 1980s or b) don’t grasp the talent that is kate bush, think of this: she was signed at 16, thanks to the recommendation of pink floyd’s david gilmour. she wrote this song, as well as her single wuthering heights (later made more famous, and perhaps more sonically palatable, by pat benatar) sometime before she was 19.  sure, she sometimes sounds like a bag of cats being tortured. but she writes some of the most moving music and lyrics. i think her to be quite a pioneer, actually.

anyway, back to the man with the child in his eyes. bush wrote this one when she was 13 years old. when i was 13, i was writing songs, but nothing even remotely close to this.  it’s such a beautiful song with compelling lyrics. (my lyrics were far simpler, with romantic images of acid rain. no lie.) of course, it didn’t do much on the US charts in 1979; everyone here was still caught in the throes of crap like roller boogie, i’m sure.

but she persists. she has been lauded many times. and i don’t care if you laugh at me: i lurve her.

(and as for you karin, here’s a kate bush extra. love you.)


7 Responses to “guilty pleasure monday: the man with the child in his eyes (kate bush)”

  1. Hound a of Love is so profoundly amazing that I think it may actually be the product of a Faustian Bargain. I’ve played it hundreds of times.

  2. Last week when everyone around me was blown away by Michael Jackson’s death and I felt largely unaffected by it, I said to a friend:

    I supposed someday when Kate Bush dies and I’m totally devastated people will look at me and say, “huh? what’s that about? Wasn’t she the weird reclusive one with the annoyingly shrill voice? I mean it’s sad she died, but really–huh?!?”

    I’m crazy about Kate Bush. Never Forever was one of the first albums I ever bought, and she’s been one of my favourite performers ever since. Believe it or not, I actually know a surprising number of male fans, too–and most of them are straight! So it’s not just as Women’s Studies types who like her. My husband owned four of her CDs when we met. Don’t think that wasn’t a factor in me falling head-over-heels for him in record time.

  3. thanks for thinking of and bringing back a host of amazing memories of college, kate bush and great friends.

  4. Well, count me as one of the those who would have said ‘who?’ to Mary Lynn. I know next to nothing about Kate Bush. so, I’ll thank you for the education and will now click on those links. 🙂

  5. Whoo, I did know a song! (Don’t give up) on me.

  6. I’m with you in lurving the devil out of Kate Bush. My brother turned me onto her when I was in college, sending me a couple of cassette tapes per week of whoever was filling his shelves…a lot of Kate Bush. Of course, when Prince collaborated with her, well, I knew she must be aces. (yes, yes, she was aces way before then…this was all in the same time period when i first started listening to her…and, you know, prince is my little man)

  7. I quite like Kate Bush, too. I find her rather hard to sing along with, though.

    I had no idea she was so young whan she started writing songs.

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