guilty pleasure monday: i’ll be there (jackson 5)

you and i must make a pack… a pack?

when i was young, i knew it wasn’t cool to like the osmonds (even though i watched their cartoon series every saturday morning.) however, i had no such fear of being uncool when it came to the jackson 5 (whose saturday morning cartoon i also watched. i often wondered whether the people at rankin/bass just altered the cartoon osmond’s faces and tweaked the storylines a little bit. no matter to me. i watched anyway.) in retrospect, i often wonder whether the older kids in both families felt screwed because their respective little brothers got all the attention. it’s 40 years later, and while i still know the names of the other brothers from both families, i couldn’t tell you who was who. i bet marie. la toya, and janet thank their lucky stars they were born girls.

but back to michael, michael, i LOVE you michael (a phrase i continue to hear in my dreams, decades after a particular concert.) somehow, the song i’ve always connected with, the song i’ve always cherished from their repertoire is i’ll be there. sure, there are moments when the pronunciations of certain words mystified me (as i alluded earlier, i could never figure out what michael meant when he sang  you and i could make a pack — we could bring salvation back. what the hell kind of pack did he mean, i wondered — a bag full of hope? a pack of lies? oh, if only the child could include a t at the end of that word.)

ah well. the song tugs at the heartstrings; and while i know there are many of my friends who think it incredibly uncool of me, i have loved this song for decades. this may change, now that an insurance company has taken it over and made it the center of their latest commercial campaign. i just don’t want to have to associate this song with state farm.

(once again, they’ve paved paradise and put up a parking lot. gah.)

i guess michael needs cash now that he’s gone belly-up. and, true to form, this song is there to help.


4 Responses to “guilty pleasure monday: i’ll be there (jackson 5)”

  1. I can totally see the confusion about “the pack.” I would have thought “form a pack,” like a pack of wolves.

    I don’t think I ever saw either of those cartoons. I do remember watching Donnie and Marie, though. And there was certainly not much cool to be found there…

  2. Try “Pact” instead of “Pack”

    Lest you think I am real good at these things, I once brought my daughters to hysterical laughter when I misheard Aretha sing You make me feel like a man should a woman” instead of “you make me feel like a natural woman.”

    But MOM, the TITLE of the song is “Natural Woman!!”

    I still win on misheard lyrics but proud to offer this tiny miss….

  3. Have you seen the prison inmates tribute?

  4. this song is so freaking awesome

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