knife and fork

welcome to today’s edition of boot camp bottom feeder!

(or why i refuse to let a knife and fork dig my grave.)

in a moment of insanity fit of hysteria second when i was inspired to just do something about my weight and health, i committed myself to an asylum a month-long bootcamp. a bootcamp that i can continue with until the end of september if i so desire. a bootcamp that is both land-based AND amphibious. (as in we run AND we swim, somewhere in between squats and other excruciating moments with our instructor, a triathlete.) a bootcamp for which i must awake at 5 am every morning (and which also means BS must awake at 5 am, causing him much unanticipated happiness, as you might imagine. who loves you, BS? the most wonderful, supportive husband on the planet i have, you know.)

today was day three of the saga that you’ll hear about already in progress; and i’m here to tell you that i am, in fact, the class bottom feeder. because of the bionic knee (and the zillion pounds atop it), i ran/walked a timed mile today (where others did two. yes. there were people who lapped me. they did two miles in less time than i did one.) yesterday, i swam a timed 150 meters where others did 200. (and also lapped me.)

and in between it all are pushups and squats and all sorts of torture designed to make your muscles wake up and realize that they have a purpose other than waving at the french fries as they pass by on their way to the tummy. damn – every time i rolled over in bed last night, i woke up in pain — my stomach muscles are probably in complete and utter shock, having been on vacation since 2003. our instructor is cruel but fair.  she’s a late-20s lady who probably does all of these things and more before she comes to our class. but bless her heart, she does the job.

okay, okay. so the only reason i didn’t come in dead last today in the run was because a 50-something guy who is a runner had knee surgery, so he has to walk. (his wife is also a triathlete. what is UP with these people. they do this FOR FUN?) but here’s the good part:

i finished.

and i figure, if i keep this up and i watch my food intake, i might lose a few pounds like my pal leifer, who is slimming down, too.

it’s funny — i’ve been working out on ellipticals and treadmills and such, and yet none of that seemed hard, like this is. i think i have a tendency to coast when i  am on an exercise machine. (hell, i sing and dance on the elliptical when a great song comes on, much to the laughter of the people at the community center who pass me by. like i care.) so for now, i’m trying exercise the old fashioned way.

yeah, it would be more fun if i were playing a sport. but i figure i’ll do this. i need to think up a reward system: finish a week, do X. finish 2 weeks, do Y. finish a month?

achieve nirvana?


11 Responses to “knife and fork”

  1. Go go go! The hardest part for me would be getting up at 5am. Not that the rest wouldn’t suck, but I really, really hate being up before the sun.

  2. You go girl!

  3. Yup – need that pressure and intensity of a trainer! I learned that too. But I only go once, maybe soon twice a week! You are a stud to commit to so much! Way to go!!

  4. I read while walking on a treadmill and I know I’m being lazy… GOOD for you on this wonderful health kick. 🙂

  5. i’ll try to remember your encouragement as i hit the water again tomorrow. every single muscle in my body – including plenty i forgot i had — HURRRRRRRT! it’s a good pain though, right? RIGHT? 😉

  6. Way to go, woman! You definitely need a super reward for this! Make it a good one! Isn’t the Boss touring in Europe? 😉

  7. melrat8587 Says:

    Oh my gosh – this sounds like torture! I’ll think of you next time the exercise phystiologists are pushing me to try new things. Hang in there! I’m betting we’ll both be in better shape to tear up the dancefloor at the next Mel reunion!

  8. Allan G Says:

    Good luck!!!!

  9. You will be so very proud of yourself for completing this program. It sounds like a grueling workout.

  10. You rock. Finish a month?!

    Yeah, I’d figure that if I managed that sort of amazing feat, the skies would open up and rain down magnificence on me. That would be pretty cool…!

    Go you!!

  11. Yay you! Go for it!

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