guilty pleasure monday: summer breeze (seals and crofts)

yesterday was my big brother’s birthday. he is 21. again. for him, a song.

in truth, i would have featured we may never pass this way again in my brother’s honor; he played the hell out of that song his senior year in high school, and it does make me tear up from time to time when i hear it in some public place like the grocery store.  (highly embarrassing, i’m sure.) but in truth, the only videos available for that song include a very rotund man singing it off-key at a karaoke contest (prompting one commenter to point out that the boats in the video are moving quickly away to get the hell out of earshot) and some poor woman who filmed herself singing the song while driving around her parents’ home, waiting for the ambulance to come and pick her mother up and take mom to the nursing home. (i couldn’t make this stuff up if i tried.)

(happy birthday, big brother. have an earache.)

so i’ll stick with seals and crofts’ hit summer breeze, a pretty song i’m sure he’d agree is a good one (and also one prone to being heard in places like elevators.) i don’t believe they tour anymore; and even if they did, i would probably skip a show since i read once that the two, both members of the  Bahá’í faith, talk about their faith after shows. (i have nothing against anyone’s faith; but i don’t want to get lectured after a show about anything. not judaism, not christianity, not the flying spaghetti monster. nada.)

but this song conjures up powerful images of a hot july evening; of the scent of  jasmine floathing in the air; and the arms that reach out to hold me in the evening when the day is through. it is simply beautiful.

so i’ll shut my mouth and say no more. that, in and of itself, is perhaps the best gift i can give to my brother.

i’m sure he’d agree.


4 Responses to “guilty pleasure monday: summer breeze (seals and crofts)”

  1. I love this song. have you heard Jason Mraz’s version? Dare I say, just as good? Well, I just did 🙂

  2. MiddleBro Says:

    Thank you so much. And you’ll always be my favorite sister!
    love ya!

  3. Happy birthday to WrekeBro.


    The Flying Spaghetti Monster

    p.s. Miss Wreke, I think I heard that one of these guys just passed away a few weeks ago? No, wait — it was either England Dan or John Ford Coley, I think. Unless they’re all the same person, which I’ve always suspected, and one of them is also Gallagher.

    Rest in peace, whomever it was. And I’ve always liked this song. 🙂

  4. good call, ms. foolery. england dan seals, who passed away in late march i think, was the little brother of jim seals of seals and crofts. though musically, i think they really all were part of the same organization.

    for years, i wondered about the lyrics to “i’d really love to see you tonight.” i always thought he was singing the words: “i’m not talking bout the linen.” i thought, how peculiar, a man concerned with his bedding in a song.

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