guilty pleasure monday: play guitar (john cougar mellencamp)

forget all about that macho shit and learn how to play guitar.

sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar, and you really want it that way. you get a little weary of having some millionaire preach to you from his or her pulpit of righteousness. (yeah — i’m talking about you, mr. springsteen. i love you, i’ll always love you, and you’re bringing me down as of late with your canned patter and your albums that aren’t really exploring much new territory.) and then, sometimes, you get a guy like john cougar melonhead who simply talks plain and talks true.

hell yeah, i am trying to convince jools that he needs to learn how to play something.  sure, learning to read music apparently helps kids mathematically and logically. as a mom, i guess i’m supposed to carry that banner for the little man. sharpen his brain, that sort of thing. and to be truthful, this little dude is truly musical. you should see him play air guitar. hell, you should see him keep time when he drums. he sings in tune, he dances like fire, and in short, he definitely inherited plenty of my artsy-fartsy genes.

but damn, i’m looking toward his future. there are a gazillion women out there who will fall in love with his huge, puddle brown eyes. but a gazillion more will truly go head-over-heels when he plays over the hills and far away just for them, just as i play (air guitar-wise) on his little back as he falls asleep to the baby zeppelin version.

play guitar, dude. just like mr. melonball does. mr. melancholy has always been able to crank out a tune that goes straight to the point, do not pass go, do not collect dust or allegory. and while there are days when i like layers in my lyrics, when i want to cut to the chase, our little pink-housed pal from indiana is the go-to guy.

learn to play guitar, jools. you’ll thank me one day.



3 Responses to “guilty pleasure monday: play guitar (john cougar mellencamp)”

  1. Great song. I’m always saying the quote in the title for some reason. (Which probably confuses the hell out of some people, but who cares?)

  2. Ha. Ha. I used to call him John Melonball, too.

  3. Now that is some passionate plea for a son to take the axe and rock it! What a cool mom you are.

    And hey, being the music lover you are, maybe you’d be interested in checking out the wee contest I have going on at Crumbs. You could win a custom mixed CD made just for you by me. I might even be able to put a few tracks on that you’ve never heard! Although, I don’t know…your musical knowledge does seem far, far superior to mine…

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