guilty pleasure monday: daisy jane (america)

america. love it or heave it.

get a bunch of military brats together in england and let them name themselves after a homeland they rarely see. voila! you’ve got america. while they don’t have the same pull that they had in the mid-1970s, you gotta give these guys some props, even if their music inspires you to leave the country.

after all, this music was heavy, to use the parlance of the day. lots of people spent hours trying to decipher whether horse with no name was about heroin. (and some even named albums after snippets of the lyrics.) a blogging friend recently mused over whether the band spoke the truth about alligator lizards in the air above ventura highway. and lest we forget their deep cover of muskrat love, a song that makes me hurl, no matter who sings it.

yeah, if you get the sense that i tend to be somewhat ambivalent about this music from my childhood, i suppose you’d be spot-on. i’m not big on songs about dancing rodents or flying reptiles or even anonymous fillys. but there is one song i absolutely have always loved: daisy jane.   there’s something so straightforward and honest about this song, a love song where the singer wavers between certainty of his love being returned and a little uncertainty:

Do you really love me
I hope you do
Like the stars above me
How I love you
When its cold at night
Everythings alright

despite the fact that i have never understood what temperature had to do with the singer’s sureness of love, there’s something so simply plaintive about those words. and the melody is very pretty and fits the simple words well.

okay.  i’ll admit that i like sister golden hair, too, though i’ve always wondered whether sister golden hair surprise is some sort of lunch bargain, like the happy waitress special.

but that’s pretty much it. not saying anything else for fear of being banished from the nation.


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