happy [birthday GPM] mondays!


a year ago, i was thinking blerg-y mondays could be happy mondays. i thought and i thought about how i could go about making this work. i wondered what people out in blogland would enjoy. i entertained the idea of posting a cute picture — you know, start my own i can has cheeseburger, only do it with amusing pictures of geckos, perhaps? how would i make readers happy they came to my site? it drove me nuts — WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE WANT, ANYWAY???

and then it came to me: this is MY blog. i’ll do what I want.

and once i thought about what made me smile, i thought who cares if anyone else likes what i like perhaps others might enjoy the music i like. conversely, they might enjoy a laugh at my expense. which has happened. a lot. like every week.

my first entry wasn’t exactly a barnstormer. but others have garnered either lots and lots of commentary OR tons of hits. (against all odds probably hit the latter because there are apparently a lot of people in this world who are still searching for rachel ward. who knew?) and unlike my blatantly bad 70s jag i underwent last november, my GPMs don’t garner hate mail.  (you think i kid? check out people i don’t even know hating me because i knock songs like wildfire and playground in my mind.)

so on this first anniversary of guilty pleasure monday’s birth, i thought i’d round up my guiltiest of guilties from the past year. check them out and then vote. (or, if i didn’t include your fave, let me know in the comments.)

american tune (paul simon)

stephanie (the partridge family)

what’s he got (the producers)

venus and mars/rockshow (wings)

against all odds (phil collins)

happy birthday, GPMs! who knew a little fun frolic into weird music could turn into a scary, occasionally nauseating habit!

3 Responses to “happy [birthday GPM] mondays!”

  1. That was a hard choice. I choose American Tune over Sir Paul because I just think it is a better song. Cant wait to see the results!

  2. I had to go with Paul Simon’s “American Tune.” He always puts me at peace. (well, take away that Al song)

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