month of 70’s GPMs: evergreen (barbara streisand)

this one will get me laughed out of the he-man woman haters club fer sure.

She Who Is Like Buttah did not put a lot of songs out in the 1970s that i particularly like. (i went off on one of them back in november, you might recall.) in fact, most of the time, i would prefer to focus on her movies of the 1970s — what’s up doc is one of the funniest films i have ever, ever seen (and which plagues hellboy to this day — whenever he mentions the name of one of his buddies from school, i immediately launch into dialogue from the film):

Howard: It gets kind of complicated now. First, there was this trouble between me and Hugh.
Judge Maxwell: You and me?
Howard: No, not you. Hugh.
Hugh: I am Hugh.
Judge Maxwell: You are me?
Hugh: No, I am Hugh.

yep. i’m sure little hugh can’t wait to come over for a playdate.

anyway, another extremely successful film of bahbra’s was the 1976 remake of a star is born. admittedly, i didn’t like it any of the times around. see, i have a big problem with a story about how a relationship disintegrates when the woman becomes successful and the man is in a period of decline. it grates on me nerves in the way only a wildly sexist plotline can.  yeah, yeah, sure, sure, people loved this remake. and babs does turn in an outstanding performance, though i never was able to suspend my belief long enough that kris kristofferson could be a successful rock star. he has all the charisma of a tub of cookie dough.

but i cannot lie: this academy award-winning AND grammy award-winning monster hit is also an incredibly beautiful song. sure, i found it smarmy when it came out, but i was also 11 years old at the time and easily grossed out by mushy lovesongs. paul williams lyrics are often simply brilliant: love, soft as an easy chair. whodathunkit? and barbara wrote the music, so props to her highness for that.

i wish i could say positive things about more of her music. i mean, anyone has to admit that, regardless of where you stand on her politics, the chick has got pipes. but she has chosen such unadulterated shlock over the years — or at least in the 1970s — that it makes it hard to cheer her on.

but i’m doing it here. bravely, in public.

i know snark awaits me.

bring it.


5 Responses to “month of 70’s GPMs: evergreen (barbara streisand)”

  1. Although not a huge fan of Streisand, I do respect her. The first movie date Sue and I did was to see her and Richard Dreyfus in 1987’s “Nuts.” It remains one of my favorite dramas.

  2. Man, Kristofferson has some dainty little wrists there on the initial album cover. Ugh.

    I’ve got no hatin’ to bring against Buttah Bahbra. While I don’t own any of her music, I can handle a song here and there. Today being the here and there. Now, no more Streisand this year. Thanks, I’m full.

  3. Who names their kids Hugh anymore?

    Kris Kristofferson, however, too cool for rock stardom. If only for Sunday Morning Coming Down. And Lone Star.

  4. oh, i know. and me and bobby mcgee. but he still grates on me nerves.

  5. This is one of my favorites too. I still remember as a child seeing Paul Williams for the first time and being struck with how he absolutely did not LOOK like the kind of man I would want writing those lovely words or (god forbid) trying to croak them out as he sang them!! But when she does it? Oh yeah, pure buttah.

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