month of 70’s GPN: jackie blue (ozark mountain daredevils)

drummers who can sing while they drum make me feel unworthy.

i don’t know much about the ozark mountain daredevils; in fact, i don’t think they ever had another hit after jackie blue.

no matter. jackie is a portrait of a alice in strung-out-land; a seeker of joy who never, ever seems to have the patience of finding it. the lazy slide guitar emotes some sort of druggy lethargy that pretty much clinched the song for me. everyone knows someone who, whether drugged up or not, seems to crave happiness but who is his or her own worst enemy in this department.

i just love people who ask me for advice, only to have them flout it afterwards. i mean, it’s not like i corner the market on sense, but if someone asks me what i think, i will take some time to consider things before i spout off my mouth. (well, if i care about them, lol. but seriously…) then, when they basically blow everything i said out the proverbial window, i wonder why i even bothered.

even better is when they return for MORE ADVICE. i sometimes wonder whether i ought to charge people. of course, as an amateur psychologist [read: kids, don’t try this at home], i’m really not permitted to charge a la Lucy Van Pelt. but maybe it would be a deterrent. it’d probably be better for my mental health, at any rate.

but i digress. per usual.

anyway, in sum: don’t know much about the ozark mountain daredevils. love jackie blue. and don’t ask for my advice or opinions on matters unless you are prepared to consider it.

and if you come back with more questions after ignoring what i said initially, come prepared with a nickle.

and don’t be mad when i tell you i told you so.


3 Responses to “month of 70’s GPN: jackie blue (ozark mountain daredevils)”

  1. Drummers who can sing and drum at the same time, huh. Well aside from the obvious (and I don’t think I need to name him) surprisingly enough, Karen Carpenter was a very talented drummer and she sang while she drummed quite often (no snickering!)

  2. I love this song, too. Thank you for these excellent posts! I’m learning a lot – so fascinating.

  3. glad you like ’em, care šŸ™‚

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