month of 70’s GPM: will it go round in circles (billy preston)

it will if you keep smokin’ that shit, dude.

you know that keyboard solo in get back? you know, the one you compulsively play in your sleep, on your dashboard, on your kid’s head? (oh wait. that’s a thought that needs to stay inside my head. sorry, folks.) well, that’s the only non-Beatle to be credited as an artist on a Beatle album, the late, great william everett preston.

billy preston played keyboards probably before he was toilet trained, i suspect. at 10, he was playing in mahalia jackson’s backup band. 10. (10! that’s BC’s age. i cannot imagine girlfriend getting onstage with her flute to help out ian anderson.) he played with a lot of greats — you can pretty much name anybody, and i suspect he was there.

for a time, he had a great solo gig going, thanks to the continued support of his Beatle buddy, george harrison (hold onto your funky fresh ‘fro for outa-space.) for me, will it go round in circles is the best of his best. don’t really know what the hell the song is about. don’t really care, either. mr. man has included some amazing keyboard work, and the horns kill.

later on, he did a ton of work for the stones and others, but he returned to play at the stellar concert for george when his dear friend harrison died of throat cancer.  sadly, in spite of a kidney transplant, preston died only a few years later.

but his solos will spin circles around anyone else’s work forever.


2 Responses to “month of 70’s GPM: will it go round in circles (billy preston)”

  1. I do not have any albums here at work, but I wonder if Preston was also credited on the Abby Road Album for the organ on Something. I know he is on the recording. Of course it would have been GREAT had they let Clapton get the credit for While My Guitar Gently Weeps on the white album, but they had to let people think it was George.

  2. OMG! The momma loved that song by Billy Preston and she remembers staying up late to watch him sing it on Midnight Special! She didn’t like staying up very often in Mississippi, though….that’s when the roaches came out! Blech!

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