month of 70’s GPM: everything i own (bread)

okay, i expect to take a lot of crap for this one, but i don’t care.

you may find it utterly inconceivable that someone who likes this would also like this. and to be truthful, plenty of bread’s schlock rock output makes me want to hurl. but i have a soft spot in my heart for any song that has a really lovely melody. blame my dad: he’s the one who shared a ton of music with me at an early age. in the early 1970s, how many people had a dad who listened to prokofiev, leonard bernstein, scott joplin, and the beatles? and fraaaaaaaaankie, of course. show of hands, please?

i thought so.

now, i suspect my dad wouldn’t enjoy metal or punk much; and i don’t forsee him clamoring for country music any time soon. but over the years, he has been somewhat open-minded about music. i bet, for example, that if i made him a mixtape of some of the more melodic tori amos stuff i adore, he would enjoy it, too. (of course, he’d be baffled by the lyrics, but then again, isn’t everyone?)

but i digress.

anyway, behind the mellow sounds of bread, there was a whole lot of tension baking and burning. lead singer david gates also ended up writing the A-sides of singles, and singer jimmy griffith always ended up with the B-sides, in spite of the fact that he was an incredibly talented songwriter, partially responsible (under a pseudonym) for the academy award-winning song for all we know. yep, by 1973, you could stick a fork in this band; they were toast. (sorry; couldn’t help myself.) they reunited in various forms until griffith and drummer mike botts both succumbed to cancer in 2005.

but everything i own is gates’ beautiful tribute to his father. i don’t think i could ever write anything quite as beautiful for my dad, but i’ll keep trying. and as long as he tolerates my blather on these pages, well, that’s a start.

so here you go, dad. a song that’s melodic and just simply pretty.



6 Responses to “month of 70’s GPM: everything i own (bread)”

  1. Love this song. Thought of it when my heart was broken by death and by love.

  2. Oh and my dad had me listening to Dory Previn, Leon Russell and Hank Williams Sr.

    But my mom loved Bread, the Carpenters and Burt Bacharach and Jim Croce.

  3. LOVE this song…heck..I love Bread! My mom liked them. She is the one who educated me more musically. Andy Williams, the Carpenters, Bread, Neil Diamond, Neil Sedaka.

    I loved all the sappy stuff πŸ˜‰ “If” was an all time favorite song of mine for awhile. I played it on the piano a lot and played the heck out of my cassete tape πŸ™‚

  4. hey lisa v,

    welcome to my little corner of the world. sounds like you have had a varied musical upbringing!

    and tp πŸ™‚ if is definitely a beautiful song. i just hit a point where i was completely sick of it. but props to david gates. he definitely had an amazing touch back in the day…

  5. Keep on blathering! I m thrilled and proud ……Love, Dad

  6. this song makes me cry. (this cannot be said of all of the bread catalogue; i marvel at the proto-ebonics of “baby i’ma want you,” for instance.)

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