month of 70’s GPM: got to give it up (marvin gaye)


well yesterday, i did talk about songs that made me feel like i’m at a party. this is one of those songs that qualifies. and how. got to give it up (part 1) is a song by marvin gaye, a dude who was killed by his own dad  (which definitely gives one pause) way before his time.

frankly, i could do a month of songs i love by marvin gaye, but then i’d probably hear tumbleweeds flying across my blog. (unless, of course, i wrote about let’s get it on and provided some sort of references that would bring in the porn crowd. of course, according to my stats, they end up here anyway, probably thanks to my potty mouth. no matter.)

so let me stick to got to give it up. girlfriend loves  a song about shy guys, and this one concerns shy marvin (like i’d believe that) and his fear of the dance floor. fortunately, the groove gets him going and he and his bell bottoms live happily ever after… well, happily enough, in between two divorces, court dates, drug addiction, and his dad taking him out with a gun he had given pops a few months prior. [note to self: firearms make terrible presents.]

::going back to my happy place::

ehem. so, as i was saying. it’s a party song. i love me a good party. and i prefer the image of marvin dancing around as opposed to marvin rockin’ a coffin. hell, the song was so good, both michael AND the jacksons stole from it for later 70s hits.  (let’s dance/let’s shout/get funky what it’s all about! was not written by tito and the gang; it came from marvin.)

it’s not political like some of his work. it’s not even remotely grrrrrrrowly like some of his other work.

but it’s got a good beat. you can dance to it.


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