month of 70’s GPM: some kind wonderful (grand funk railroad)

not to be confused with the movie of the same name

some kind of wonderful is actually a cover song for grand funk, much like another monster hit, the loco-motion. it’s hard for me to choose which one i love better so i flipped a coin. (sue me; i don’t have to be logical. it’s my blog, after all.) kudos to one of my secret boyfriends todd rundgren who produced this LP for the band. it made them commercial, it made them real, all at the same time.

anyway, i was a wee lass of 9 when this song came out. it doesn’t bring back a specific memory, you should know. i just know that if this song comes out, it is impossible for me to be in a crap mood. (i know. you’re all disappointed i had nothing cynical to say about it. you know, the glass is sometimes half-full, people. it just is.)

and the loco-motion just makes me want to shake my ass. the production makes it sound like it’s live from someone’s basement party. there are songs that sound like they’re emanating from someone else’s good time; and whenever i hear them, it makes me feel like i’m at the party, too.

so there. i’m not being cynical. i’m just feeling happy. some kind of wonderful, you might say.


5 Responses to “month of 70’s GPM: some kind wonderful (grand funk railroad)”

  1. 100% agreement. This song rocks!

  2. Oh, you can’t top “We’re An American Band” for pure headbanging fun. It’s got everything: stupid lyrics (“Feelin good, feelin right, it’s Saturday night!/The hotel detective he was outtasight!”), groupies, tearing up hotel rooms, cow bell.

    Still, nothing clears out the kitchen faster than “I’m Your Captain/Closer to Home.” Particularly if I’m doing the karaoke.

  3. Between “Some Kind of Wonderful” and “Loco-Motion,” for me, it’s totally “Loco-Motion”. It was a great song to listen to as a teen, as an adult, and as a parent. Nothing cuter than a little, diaper-clad tush loco-moting around the kitchen.

  4. yeah, alto — i tossed a coin on that one. never sure which one i love more. i sure do love locomotion. sounds like a party in someone’s rec room. (am i the only one who remembers rec rooms?)

  5. We still have a rec room!

    And, this is a great song. My husband’s old band used to perform it and he sang for this particular track while playing bass. I like to think he sung it to me. 😉

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