month of 70’s GPM: don’t go breakin’ my heart (elton john and kiki dee)

whatever happened to kiki dee, anyway?

since i was on the subject of sir elton duets the other day, i figured, ah, what the hell. let’s launch into another. (fret not. this will not become a sir elton john fanzine. promise.) i love this song, an attempt by sir elton to replicate those old marvin gaye/tammi terrell duets. it’s bouncy, it’s upbeat, and it features kiki dee, a lady who actually was a backup singer with a hit behind her, i’ve got the music in me. (i would add that you couldn’t throw a dead cat at a ’70s variety show without hearing someone cover that one.)

in fact, i was once watching a movie with BC, ella enchanted, and lo and behold, there’s anne hathaway and jesse mccartney singing their way into america’s tween hearts. the song even wormed its way into the movie musical version of hairspray because of course that song was an integral part of the early ’60s. (not.) i find myself reminding BC: that song was done earlier, you know, by other people.

whatever, mom, she inevitably replies. i just like the song.

yep. mom needs to chill out.

anyway, ms. dee has since sung other backups and duets with sir elton, has been in west end shows, and has done just fine in Britain, thankyouverymuch. but this song is probably her best known (perhaps only known) contribution to American pop.  well, that, and the cereal bowl hair, which eventually was copied by people like toni tennille. and me, i would add. (and no, i’m not posting pictures.)

i bet the song is big on the karaoke circuit, though having only experienced that joy once in my life, i wouldn’t know. (as for that experience,  what happened in denver will stay in denver. all i’ll say is that i attempted my best belinda carlisle with a co-worker.) but hell, hand me a mojito and i’ll get up there and sing.

if someone else will join me in the duet, that is.


3 Responses to “month of 70’s GPM: don’t go breakin’ my heart (elton john and kiki dee)”

  1. Love love love this song. So much fun. Also, whenever I hear it I remember the episode of One Day at a Time when Valerie Bertinnelli and Mackenzie Phillips lipsynched to it for some talent show or something.

  2. I know all the words to this song by heart somehow (even the harmony) but am horrible with name that tune. I thought Captain and Teniel sang this. Shows you how ignorant I am. 😉

  3. Me, me, me! I’ve loved this song ever since it was released (in ’76?). Unfortunately, it also reminds me of the summer I spent at fat camp up in the Catskills.

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