month of 70’s GPM: bad blood (neil sedaka)

remember – sedaka is back….

never was hot. never was sexy. (frankly, sets off my gaydar.) but neil sedaka, a nice jewish boy from brooklyn, always had a golden touch with pop during the 50’s, 60’s and even the 70’s. don’t get me wrong: i loathed a lot of that sappy crap: calendar girl (which i always hear calendar cat from the old purina commercial in my head whenever it plays), oh! carol (written for carole king, his old girlfriend), and breaking up is hard to do, a song he recycled and made into a hit again about 20 years after the first time. and that’s just some of his solo repertoire. (it doesn’t scratch the surface of the hits he wrote for other people, too. including that little captain and tennille number.)

so yes, i have a great deal of respect for neil sedaka, in spite of the fact that i don’t care for a lot of his creative output. he deserves to be in the rock and roll hall of fame, methinks. just because he doesn’t rock like, say, ozzy osbourne, it doesn’t mean he didn’t make a significant contribution to rock and roll.

but see, there is this one song, a song he sings with this guy i kinda adore, sir elton john. you’d think i’d hate bad blood — it’s all about denigrating some woman who apparently did sedaka wrong.  lord knows the lyrics made no sense to me when i was a 10 year old belting it out to anyone who couldn’t get in their earplugs fast enough. but it rocks in it’s own evil way. of course, i never quite like it as much when someone else is singing the backup vocals, so maybe there’s something to be said for my being a big elton john fan. but still. love it.

of course, the only better thing about bad blood is kitty and eric from that 70’s show singing it.

6 Responses to “month of 70’s GPM: bad blood (neil sedaka)”

  1. Faith Sorgman Says:

    However, must admit big fan of the Neil Diamond version of the Jazz Singer..
    Love most the bad 70’s music because it makes me feel nostalgic and remember the happy days of childhood…

  2. Let’s not forget that creepy ode to adolescent incest, “Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen.”

    The key lyric here is “Doo-doo do run, doo-doo-doo run-run.” Easy to miss, but the author places the warning directly within the text: this song smells like POO, so you’d better RUN. Subliminal messaging at its finest.

  3. Gosh, I did not know about Sedaka and Carole King. I guess that happened pre-Rona Barrett in Hollywood. You left out Laughter in the Rain – that was Neil Sedaka, wasn’t it?

  4. sedaka and carole king happened sometime in the 1950s. it was brief, i suspect 😉 and yes, laughter in the rain is sedaka. i’m just picking songs i like, lol.

  5. Ah, Neil Sedaka: The Thinking Man’s Paul Anka.

  6. Thank you *ever* so much for allowing “Calendar Girl” to take over my brain for almost 24 hours. I must find a way to return the favor.

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