guilty pleasure monday: message to my girl (split enz)

this one’s late. and for a good reason.

we just returned from a trip to NJ to see family and friends during the holiday. it was a great visit; but when we woke up in the hotel this morning, BC started experiencing barf-fest 2008. the poor darling;  she barfed all the four hours home; she barfed while home; she’s just starting a teeny bit of ginger ale right now, which i expect will come back up shortly.

this is just not the best way to have a holiday.

whenever girlfriend feels sick — which is fairly frequent if you count her breathing issues and all the tough luck she has had the past few months — i always feel terrible. as a mom, i want to wave a magic wand and make it all better. that’s my job as a mom, you see. and of course, there are so many, many things i will not be able to make better.

one of the things i can’t make better is the fact that i get sick. when i became seriously ill two years ago, the one who really bore the brunt of it (besides BS, of course, who had to do everything) was girlfriend. hellboy was so little that, while he missed me when i was in the hospital, he truly didn’t understand as much about what was going down. girlfriend did. and there was a period of time thereafter where, whenever i went to a doctor, i ended up in the ER. it may take years, if not forever, for girlfriend to not freak out whenever i have a doctor’s appointment — which, as many of you know, is frequent enough. it makes me sad that i am actually the cause of her pain.

so  whenever i hear message to my girl, i think about all the things i wish i could do for madame. i want so much to be less self-involved, but being so ill has required that i actually stop being selfless and start taking care of myself. it’s a tough balance, believe it or not.

but then i hear these lyrics, and everything becomes clear:

No more empty self-possession
Vision swept under the mat
It’s no new years resolution
It’s more than that

No there’s nothing quite as real
As a touch of your sweet hand
I can’t spend the rest of my life
Buried in the sand

i have my new years resolutions all ready. many involve things i need to do to make myself healthier. and i have to remind myself it’s okay to do them — i need to do that in order to be there for my family.

but i will still need to take the time to be there during the journey, too.

happy new year to everyone!



4 Responses to “guilty pleasure monday: message to my girl (split enz)”

  1. of course my heart goes out to the lovely BC in her hour of illness. However…. it does bring to mind my favorite scene from Stand By Me!
    A complete and total Barfarama!

  2. I totally feel you – especially the part about feeling selfish when I need to take care of myself, like today when a fever of 99.5 has me sidelined. Gotta love the fibromyalgia thing. :-/

    Tell BC that it doesn’t last forever and we all wish we had a magic wand for her. 😦


  3. Not being well is never a good thing. Hope everyone is on the mend very soon.

    I have a personal philosophy, though, that anything related to Neil Finn helps get me through each and every day. Seriously. Our youngest is even named Finn. (don’t gag)

    Anyway, sending the get well vibe your way.

  4. thanks all. and love it, cynthia!

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