guilty pleasure monday: step into christmas (elton john)

it isn’t christmas season until i walk into a grocery and hear this over the PA system.

(what the hell is going on at 2:44 in the video, though?)

between sometime in 1973 and 1975, sir elton john could do no wrong on the pop charts. even his albums that were less-than-loved (like one of my true guilty pleasures, rock of the westies, which i love in spite of the fact that critics everywhere panned the hell out of it) went platinum in nanoseconds.  songs that will spend eternal life on both classic rock stations and lite elevator stations got their start during these years.

i suspect sir elton, overwhelmed by his crushing success  (goodbye yellow brick road) in 1973, composed this lovely ode to christmas.  one reason i love it so much is while it is completely a-religious, it is about being thankful. sir elton realizes that he has made a mountain of money doing what he loves best, and it’s only because people applauded and bought his music that he could continue making music.

a mystery: how the hell does one step into christmas? just like one falls in love?

but no matter. the song rocks; it’s cheery and peppy but never sacharrine.

to those of you who celebrate christmas, happy christmas to you all. to my fellow red sea pedestrians — have a groovy chanukah, however you spell it. and for everyone who celebrates other days or a combination of them (as we do in wreke-land), i ill quote my best bud murph with what she wishes me every year:

appropriate greetings!



p.s. yes, i had glasses like those, too.


7 Responses to “guilty pleasure monday: step into christmas (elton john)”

  1. and Happy Appropriate Greetings to you, too! Care aka CuriousC/IdeaJump!…

  2. Happy everything, chicka! *hugs*

  3. I love Rock of the Westies too…but how borderline racist and sexist is Island Girl? Bernie’s lyrics have often been a bit too close to social edges…but Elton John’s records are irresistible to me. I grew up on em. Happy Holly Daze!

  4. oh, i completely agree. island girl is offensive, even if it was the big hit of the album; and frankly, i’ve never been a huge fan of that, as he has done much better. but for my money, there is Medley(Yell Help/Wednesday Night/Ugly), with a funkiness i adore, esp she was uuuuuuuu-gleeeeee. and i think I Feel Like a Bullet (In the Gun of Robert Ford) is an absolute gem of allusion. not his best work, but still, something that makes me a 10 year old instantly 🙂

    (in truth, my fave elton john record is tumbleweed connection, which i think is one of the most underrated albums in rock history. but that’s just me, and i’m not a famous critic. just some cranky transplanted jerseygirl with a million opinions 😉

    xoxo to you all.

  5. I now know the name of that song. I hear that song every year without knowing what in fook he’s singing.

    My favorite pop singer Christmas song: “The First Noel” by Crash Test Dummies. If you haven’t heard it, look for it on-line — the lowest low notes since “Swing Low Sweet Chariot.”

    Happy Hanukkah (that’s how I spell it!) Miss Wreke, and I hope your family is thriving. Peace to you.



  6. FFS – I couldn’t think of any lyrics in Island Girl besides IS-LAND GIRL…blah blah blahblah blahblah blah blah blah… IS-LAND GIRL…

    so I googled. Oh my!

  7. I have to agree about Rock of the Westies. I think there is a song on there called Feed Me. I really liked that one even though I didn’t have (and still don’t have) a raging drug problem. Hi Ho.

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