guilty pleasure monday: 2000 miles (the pretenders)

i love me some holiday music. and i always, and i do mean always, love me my chrissie hynde.

i may not have grown up with christmas in a big way, but i always love songs that evoke the holidays in a meaningful way. and this song is a sad but meaningful meander into hynde’s soul.  and what a soul that must be. hynde has been a part of rock for most of her life: she has been linked to everyone from the sex pistols to the kinks (well, ray davies, to be precise) to the mccartneys to simple minds.

i love her swagger; her talent; her independence, even her animal rights activism. a boyfriend once told me i was irritating because i liked to hide behind my chrissie hynde bangs. yes, i think  i always wanted to be a lot more like chrissie hynde when i grew up. the lady has balls.

and even so, you can hear a tenderness in her voice, the way it breaks, all through 2000 miles. a creaky loneliness is evident, brushed with hope.

it crushes me whenever i hear it.


One Response to “guilty pleasure monday: 2000 miles (the pretenders)”

  1. I think she has the sweetest, saddest voice. I once read that she loved Karen Carpenter (I know!) and wish she could sing like her. I think there is the same tenderness in her voice as KC, especially in the song.

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