blatantly bad 70s songs: you don’t bring me flowers (streisand and diamond)

happy thanksgiving to my american friends! and yes, here’s some buttah for your parkerhouse rolls.

you’re welcome.

i don’t know about any of you, but i don’t want to turn on the radio to hear another couple kvetching about their relationship. (i tune in to Dr. Phil went i want that nonsense. and i tune into springer when i want to see lower class people fist-fighting with their partners. cos nothing says lovin’ like a roundhouse punch.) this song practically SCREAMS bad soap opera. it’s pure melodrama from an earlier time. how it became a hit record in 1978? well, barbra was probably still riding high from a star is born, and neil, well, let’s just say that neil did well when other people recorded his songs.

break out the turkey and give me some schmaltz. schmaltzity-schmaltz schmaltz!

seriously, what really happened is that both barbra and neil recorded the song (in the same key, natch) on two separate albums. some clever dj, probably bucking for a promotion for his creativity, sliced the two versions together for his audience’s listening pleasure. babs and neils got wind of it and decided, hell, let’s get the royalties for this suckah. and VOILA! a new star was born.

on the bright side, they never got to make the feature film that was planned based on this song, as neil got busy with his remake of the jazz singer. (see? there IS a G-d!) can you imagine the movie? (no. try not to. it will wreck your day.)

okay, okay. i can’t be completely mean on a holiday. here’s the one version of the song that you might enjoy. ice-t and tupac, a marriage made in heaven. it’s definitely not a turkey.


6 Responses to “blatantly bad 70s songs: you don’t bring me flowers (streisand and diamond)”

  1. This song has provided me a comeback for the last 30 years when someone says, “Used to be…blah blah blah” I ALWAYS say “Used to be don’t count any more.” So, the song has done some good in the world.
    But, “After lovin’ me late at night…” ewwww

  2. “You don’t bring us good songs…. anymore…”

    Geez, Sher… you are going to make up for this with some GOOD songs, right?

    Happy Turkey Day!

  3. Ooo… a full month of daily perfect songs from the 70s! Thanks, Sher!

  4. Oh, yes, I think you owe us that much..I mean, after this month it seems as if the 70s truly sucked monkey balls music-wise, but I know it wasn’t THIS bad! Right?!

    Babs with a perm is enough to remove my Thanksgiving appetite.

  5. I wonder if the DJ got any royalties for making it all begin? Nahh… DJ who? 🙂

  6. […] Is Like Buttah did not put a lot of songs out in the 1970s that i particularly like. (i went off on one of them back in november, you might recall.) in fact, most of the time, i would prefer to focus on her […]

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