blatantly bad 70s songs: (hey won’t you play) another somebody done somebody wrong song (b j thomas)

b j thomas has some fodder for this here cannon. but i think i picked the winner.

look at that sea of white, christian folk. it’s holiday time, and they have voluntarily gathered together to listen to mr. thomas. all i need is rudolph lighting the way to the exits and i’m in the catbird seat! actually, thomas is well-loved in the christian music circuit. and nothing says happy christmas to the faithful like a song sung by a guy named B J about your girlfriend banging someone else.

he also is big in brazil.

hey! did you have to write a song with a title so G-d damned long it made it impossible for people to actually fit in on a record label? of course, it isn’t as long as the song Guinness has credited as having the longest song title, courtesy of hoagy carmichael:

I’m a Cranky Old Yank in a Clanky Old Tank on the Streets of Yokohama with my Honolulu Mama Doing Those Beat-o, Beat-o, Flat on my Seat-o Hirohito Blues

but STILL?

okay, so it also was on the country charts (and paved the way for thomas for some more country hits as well), but the ROCK chart? what about this sound actually rocks? the chair he’s sitting in while he’s strumming his GE-tar and crying into his coffee? how the hell did the american public go from philadelphia freedom one week to this masterwork? gahhhhh.

i know what you’re thinking: she doesn’t like country, and it’s coloring her choices. damn right.

wait til you see the earmworm i unleash tomorrow. it’s part of my family lore, even.

::smacking head into wall to try and remove the thought::


3 Responses to “blatantly bad 70s songs: (hey won’t you play) another somebody done somebody wrong song (b j thomas)”

  1. Whoa… I recognize this song. But I remember Neil Diamond, I think, singing it. Maybe it was Glen Campbell… some concert my parents dragged me to when I was really young and bored out of my mind. The best part I remember was the taffy that came in three flavors… chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. I ate all the strawberry. It reminded me of the Scooby-Doo episode with the three flavored phantoms of the aforementioned flavors. Wow… what a childhood stroll.

  2. I had the same thought – that it was a Neil Diamond song. Maybe it’s just because it sounds like N.D. to me. I dunno. In any case, please don’t do that again. :shudder:

  3. Someday, somewhere the Muzak gods (dogs?) will rain hellfire and damnation on you for all this bad music.

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