blatantly bad 70s songs: i’m not lisa (jessi colter)

remember, this was the era of sybil.

in 1975, jessi colter, wife of waylon jennings, had her breakout hit (and only crossover pop hit) with i’m not lisa. i always misheard her singing the name in the song: she was singing: i’m not lisa. my name is julie.

a chitty chitty bang bang fan, i thought she was telling the world that this was her identity:

why a country singer would be singing that she, in fact, was a character from a fluffy, frothy (and fun!) british novel for kids, i never understood. at least, i didn’t get it when i was 10.

i’m older now, of course; and i understand the lyrics a whole lot better than i did back then. nevertheless, i continue to wonder: why does the song’s subject even stay with a guy who calls her a name other than her own? i want to smack her silly and scream at her to develop a bit of a backbone.

while she’s at it, why didn’t colter try something else, something more country-ish and appropriate. something like:

my husband‘s a junkie

he looked like a monkey

he was a dukes of hazzard flunkie

and i apparently didn’t mind.

(no. i’m not a grammy-winning country lyrics writer. that would be my wonderful cousin.)

i’m not lisa. i’m not julie. and i’m not impressed, either.

29 Responses to “blatantly bad 70s songs: i’m not lisa (jessi colter)”

  1. “Truly” a bad song.

  2. Dang, girl, you are doing some digging. I am proud to say I’ve never heard this song nor do I wish to ever hear it again.

    Obviously, we all have a shot at making it big with this one. “My name’s not wrekehavoc. My name is….” “My name’s not dee-eee. My name is…” “My name’s not nyyy-lon. My name is…” It could be a bloggers’ “We are the World.”

  3. So far, you’ve only found one song I wasn’t familiar with! Yes, I owned this one, too. Oh well…

  4. I do remember this one. Listening to it now, my thought is, “Geez, woman, can you go ANY slower?”

  5. I knew this song as soon as I saw the title. Then it started playing on the endless 8-track in my mind. Aieeeeee!

    I love this month’s blog theme, but it is destroying brain cells at an exponential rate.

  6. I could never stand to listen to this irritating song.All I could think of was ‘DAMMIT lady get over it already!’

  7. Jonathan Says:

    At 43 years old I have never heard this song before and guess what!! I never want to hear it again not even a single note. The line “I’m not Lisa my name is Julie’ is cringeworthy enough.

  8. Obviously, the idiot who writes this blog has never loved and lost. The song has a place and lays bare the hurt of someone who still loves one who found love elsewhere. The song is a Country song, which is true to Country standards of the 1970s and even now, though Country Music now is more Pop than Country. Hey Idiot, did they forget to replace your heart with the scab that they removed during your heart transplant? I say Yes, they forgot.

  9. oh. obviously.

  10. “Bad song?” The rap rubbish that your generation calls “music” is what I call BAD SONGS.

  11. my generation? you clearly think i am a lot younger than i am, in which case, thanks for the compliment!

    • I am 44 years old and have never heard this song,I thought that I would hear it on you tube to hear what was like which was a big mistake. The song lasts 3. 30 minutes but had to turn it off after 1 minutes because it was making my ears bleed so won’t be hearing it again in the future.

    • Your opinion and blog does suck…If I were you, I would not want to be you, I’d rather be Julie….Sher, I would take that as you are OLDER but your taste is right there with today’s generation of pop and a pole lover music.

  12. lisa sieting Says:

    My name IS Lisa. I started my new job the same day with a girl named Julie. Everyone calls me Julie, which is so funny because it makes me think of this song. Only older people know what I’m talking about. Incidently, i only answer to Julie if i like the person who is trying to get my attention. Humor will get you through the day!

  13. Don’t diss Waylon or Jessi, they have more talent than any rap or current “star”

  14. Of course these days, any idiot can write a blog…………..

    • and any idiot can comment, too.

      • You have it completely and totally backwards… The crap that passes for country music today is exactly that! Rascal Flatts? Taylor Swift? Taylor Swift?!!? And all the other country wannabe performers who wear baseball caps and Tennis Shoes instead of cowboy hats and boots? To hell with them! As with everything else, the millennial generation has managed to ruin yet one more facet of Americana! You morons who belittle and berate this song have obviously never had your heart ripped out, thrown on the ground and stomped on by someone you have deeply loved and would have given your life for!! This song is as Pure Country as country can get!

  15. My interpretation of the song is far different to yours. At no point does the singer say that she IS the past or present girlfriend, and the only line that may suggest that is ‘my eyes are not blue, but mine won’t leave you’, but that’s cancelled by the line that say’s ‘She left you here, drowning in your tears, here where you’ve stayed for years crying Lisa’.
    The song is about a girl named Julie who is in love with a man who hasn’t got over his lost love, and is sung in a way to portray her thoughts, rather than declaring her love for him.
    All in all, it’s a brilliant song.

  16. I remember when this song came out – it was like nails on a chalkboard. A guy I worked with would mock it, singing “I’m not Li-sa, my name is Lar-ry…”

  17. Your an idiot! Your blog sucks, you suck.

  18. That’s funny half humor.
    Just kidding you seem like a dick

  19. If I like a piece of music then it’s a piece of music “I” like! Frankly, I don’t give a damn after that; although this was a huge hit for Colter her first as a solo artist. The world like music works in funny ways – many people Trump is amusing other think he’s down right dangerous. As they say: beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! I happen to love the song but I respect those with an alternative view. There are a lot of people in my community who love ‘reality TV’ and live for it; I personally think its disease look at them askance but then realize there is great merit in individual differences.

  20. Mike holden Says:

    The song is a lament about how weak she is. She believes Love Will Conquer All. She is totally humiliated but thinks she’s in love. The next thing you know he’ll be beating her you’re not Lisa he will scream.

  21. Learn something about music. But then you like shitty shitty bang bang

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  23. Great song. Love is like that sometimes.

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