blatantly bad 70s songs: get up and boogie (silver convention)

i thought fly robin fly was untouchable in terms of its mediocrity. boy, was i wrong.

silver convention, originally a male german duo, hit the charts when they added three women who assumed all the singing and shiny costume-wearing duties. i suspect they were not very good english speakers: fly robin fly consists of exactly six words. hearing it as a child made me think of steve allen and the time he punctured vacant pop lyrics on his show. boy, what would he do with THIS one!

musically, the song is a never-ending loop of violins punctuated by heavily-accented women urging robin to fly up, up to the sky. (was it a bird? a plane? a gibb brother?) it could still be playing somewhere, nearly 25 years later, winning a Guinness Book of World records for most never-ending, incredibly banal song. so how on EARTH could this aural wonder be topped?

oh, ye of little faith.

get up and boogie is a musical twin to fly robin fly. it, too, is a loop of violins that could permanently worm its way into your ears for a lifetime, it, too, consists of six words. four of them are sung by the shiny german ladies. but two of those words, two of them, shouted at the end of each musical thought, interrupt that groovy disco lull, upping the nuisance factor: that’s right!

i was not a disco fan when this came out in the mid-1970s. in fact, i was a snarky tween girl; and i probably was rapping before it was cool. whenever i heard this song, i would start my patter, just after the ladies stopped singing get up and boogie for the second time, and then, over the little musical bed, i’d begin to talk. i’d say things like:

my brother is such an incredible jerk. we should have kept the cat and given him away. he must be the most annoying person in the whole wide world.

and i’d stop, just in time for the guys to scream: that’s right!

(yeah, i was a card. i know.)

sadly, i don’t recall any other hits from this bunch. it’s time for their comeback: succinct memoirs are definitely in vogue. here’s theirs:

we write songs with six words.


7 Responses to “blatantly bad 70s songs: get up and boogie (silver convention)”

  1. Knocked it out of the park with this one, Sher. Not a redeemable quality in the entire production; outside of the song itself sucking, the dancing is awful, the costumes bad (although probably good for the disco era – I hate the 70s’ dress code) and the women not particularly stunning. From what can be seen of the audience (through the data compression), nobody’s moving rhythmically – many aren’t even looking at the singers. That’s engaging your fans! Now I have to go listen to some Manilow to get those 6 words out of my head.

  2. Actually, this video contains not one, but two detestable acts from the 70’s. If you look closely at the first few seconds of the video you’ll see the immortal leif garret walking off stage. Now not many people would catch that but i had a roommate in college who was constantly being picked up by girls who mistook him for old Leif. I remember the first time it happened he turned to me and asked me who the hell Leif Garret was. He of course, didnt have to be told twice.

    Somewhere out there i’m sure there are many middle aged ladies that have a great story about the time they met Leif Garret in their teens

    here’s a taste of old Leif’s bad seventies contribution…

  3. yes. i remember leif, who has since been through rehab not to mention one of the desperate housewives before she was old enough to be a wife, period.

    and i remember your roommate. i especially remember the day you brought him over. he was gorgeous. (later, i realized what a sweet guy he is, but at this point in my life, i had no idea about anything other than he was actually leif-garrett-gorgeous.) i didn’t hear you guys come in. teenaged me was walking from the shower in our parents’ bathroom to my room, wrapped in a towel. and there, on my way, was that roommate. gah.

    in short, i wanted to die. but bless his heart, he just flashed that grin. he always has had the greatest smile ever. he may even be bald now (like leif is), for all i know, but as long as he has that smile, people will drink any koolaid he offers. oh, i’ll never forget that moment. i was the happiest, suicidal teenaged girl for a split second.

  4. I love the people in the audience that are NOT getting up to boogie.

  5. I KNOW this one! It’s quite sad to watch… and I have to tell you that the words you said about your brother I read at the right time in the song. “That’s right!” too funny.

  6. What’s with the fistfight at 1:30, or is that some kind of dance? That and “Fly Robin Fly” were about as vacuous as songs get. But the disco-ized remakes were often worse “Working my Way Back to You” and the Start Wars theme were two I loved to hate. Disco records didn’t have to be bad (eg. “Don’t leave me this way.” and the Rolling Stones’ “Hot Stuff”), but I guess they didn’t have to be any good to succeed.

  7. Derana Sadahatama Oba Mage

    blatantly bad 70s songs: get up and boogie (silver convention) |

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