blatantly bad 70s music: heartbeat (it’s a love beat) (defranco family)

yes, dear brother larry: this is my hunky heartthrob from the ’70s. thanks for the email request. how. did. you. know?

wherefore art thou now, defranco family? thy matching bell-bottom pantsuits, thy coordinated dance routines, thy canadian attempts to emulate the osmond / partridge / jackson family? where are thee, tony… marisa… nino… merlina… and benny?

well, look no further: they’re heretony’s selling real estate and apparently managing the family’s image.  and as for the others, well, not exactly clear from the website what they are doing, other than hopefully coasting a little bit from this monster hit of 1973. if no one ripped them off, that is.

in 1973, when i wasn’t basically still crying about the beatles breakup (which i did for about 10 years or so — did i mention i was a weird kid?), my little-girl-self was busy watching the partridges. i’ve bravely broken my silence about my well-known crush on keith partridge david cassidy. i read my tiger beat and 16 magazines, and i was damn well mad when tony defranco took up any real estate away from my man, especially when he was playing a watered-down version of a partridge song — playing along with hal blaine and the others who also backed the partridges, i believe!

oh, the humanity!

this song is better suited as a tv sitcom theme song. whenever i hear it, i think it should have ended up on love, american style. yep. i can handle about 30 seconds of it and then my head goes numb.

my hunky heartthrob. feh! big brother, you’re probably still pining away for marie osmond.


27 Responses to “blatantly bad 70s music: heartbeat (it’s a love beat) (defranco family)”

  1. Good call, better suited as a sitcom intro.

  2. P.S. where’s my “I’ve been to paradise but I’ve never been to me? “

  3. it’s coming. promise!

  4. I’ve got my copy of The DeFranco Family album on vinyl! That’s kitschy pop culture at its best.

    • Jeannine Regis Says:

      HEY TODD
      I love benny defranco because I think he is
      a hot dancer more hotter than Tony Defranco
      and I think he funny to why I am saying this
      is because I broke up with Tony Defranco 2 years
      ago for 9 reasons and I am not taking Tony Defranco back Jeannine R

      • Hi Todd
        I am in love with Tony because
        Tony is my twin brother Tony and
        I have everything close and Todd
        can you do me a favor and pound
        on Suzy Hoff because she hit my
        boyfriend Tony Defranco And I Love
        Tony Defranco and the Defranco family
        so much that Suzy Hoff hit all of them
        Jeannine Regis

  5. You found one that I don’t recognize. I agree – sitcom intro at best. That was painful.

  6. Gah!!! Not sure it is even palpable for TV!

  7. Are the four in the back twins to each other? They sure are matched sets (Or at least it appears that way on the grainy vid).

    Props to Todd!

  8. thanks again for reminding me of songs I have spent a lifetime trying to forget. I can only assume that “billy don’t be a hero” and “afternoon delight” will be mentioned soon to complete the torture.

  9. MiddleBro Says:

    Actually sher, it wasnt Marie Osmond. I was always more partial to Olivia Newton-John.

  10. Ok…start rolling your eyes now.

    Big sister LOVED this song. She made up a dance routine with yours truly as the shining star to perform this in front of the NEIGHBORHOOD.

    That beyotch tormented me so.

    The song was campy but I just broke out in a sweat just now thinking about it. 😉

    • I know exactly what you mean. It was a bad time for me as well.
      I would rather be shot by a firing squad than listen to that tiger beat musical holocaust.I remember seeing a hot rod built for the defranco family with a pizza oven built in it they called the (PIZZA WAGON)thats the kind of crap they probably spent all there money on thinking there be plenty more hits and a long carear ha ha lol.thank god I found this victims of bad seventies pop music support group.

  11. Ok…kidding about the beyotch thing…you knew that right? This is the one sister that wouldn’t get that joke. Oh wait! She won’t find me here.


  12. grandy, i’d pay money to see that. of course, way back when, a friend and i made up a routine to paul simon’s me and julio down by the schoolyard so who am i to judge 🙂

  13. OK, now I’m going to hunt you down for planting horrible earworms in my brain. My eyes are burning from the bell-bottomed polyester pantsuits and platform shoes. You’re killing me!! (but I love it)

  14. As my friend Cheryl always says of polyester, “Clothes that look like they smell.”

    And music that sounds like it does.

  15. The thing is, if this was just a sitcom song we’d be remembering it much more fondly. It’s the full-length three-minute horror of it that makes it so remarkably bad.

  16. It’s bad enough hearing pre-pubescent boys singing at all – but singing about sex – that’s just gross. Hey Tony, stop singing about how “love is coming on” until your voice changes.

  17. Norman Stanley Says:

    Bad Forgotten Song From The DeFranco Family in 1973

  18. I love Tony Defranco and I think Tony
    is hottest singer than all of the today singers
    and I think the Defranco family is the hottest
    singing family than all todays singing familys
    no one can beat the defranco family and Tony
    Jeannine Regis

  19. Jeannine Regis Says:

    Hi Todd
    do you like the Defranco family?
    Jeannine Regis

  20. Hi Todd
    I have recently lost my sister
    to cancer all over her body
    she was 59 years old and
    can you tell Tony I love him
    Jeannine Regis

  21. Hi Todd
    Are you a guy or a girl? And
    how old are you?
    Jeannine Regis

  22. watch it with no sound…..

  23. Hi Todd
    Todd why dose my boyfriend Tony Defranco hates me?
    Jeannine Regis

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