blatantly bad 70s music: run, joey, run (david geddes)

who is david geddes, and why did he assault the airwaves with this?

it’s bad enough he’s also responsible for the awful tearjerker the last game in the season (blind man in the bleachers).  but run, joey, run is one of the worst songs i have ever had the non-pleasure of hearing. and oh, i heard it a ton in 1975, when it became a hit.

so who is david geddes? well, there’s not a ton about him on the internet. i can’t seem to locate much beyond birth dates and nominal info on wikipedia. so i have a theory: this man is currently involved in an artist protection program. there’s no other explanation for his disappearance: his songs were so incredibly dismal, sacharrine, and painful, he simply chose to honorably not inflict them on people again lest he end up a real-life character in one of his musical melodramas.

in this one, the singer, aka joey (not to be confused with a kinder, gentler, and possibly dumber joey), is distressed. to make a long story short, he has been caught with his girlfriend by her father in a compromising position. the father goes after him. eventually, the father goes after him with a gun, only too bad for dad: his daughter gets in between joey and the bullet. and so ends our short-attention-span shakespearean theater. cue the tissues.

what kind of asshat lets his apparently-pregnant girlfriend take a bullet that was meant for him?

the music sounds like something out of a mid-1970s drama.

in short, this is a musical car crash. run from it.

22 Responses to “blatantly bad 70s music: run, joey, run (david geddes)”

  1. Oh GAHHHH I remember this. I am SO not clicking that video. You can almost stop right here; nothing you could select for the rest of the month could possibly be this bad, I think (but of course I’ll keep checking because I have a masochistic streak).

  2. And another from my list of owned and (at the time) favorite songs in my youth. Keep going! Eventually you’ll hit one I actually hated at the time. (Although if you stick to this type of music, I doubt it – I tended to hate heavy rock music back then and stuck with the sappy stuff.)

  3. So bad you must listen to it. Blech! Sounds like a bad rendition of some high school musical.

  4. MiddleBro Says:

    Ugh. What a steaming pile. I hope that David Geddes is a great success in some other non-musical field of endeavor today.

    I confess i owned it too.

    Of course not to be confused with the mid 70’s saturday morning show,
    Run Joe Run

  5. Trouser Thetan Says:

    I heard this on the XM 70’s channel today, and sprayed nostalgic, derisive spittle on my keyboard. I foisted it on my similarly-aged friend Tom, who HAD to have heard it as a lad, but managed to block it out, and honestly claims not to remember it. Before he played it, I described it as lyrically equivalent to Seasons in the Sun, but presentationally cheesier because of the young girl’s voice. “He sounds like Cher” was all Tom could muster by way of comment.

  6. Man this song was painful to listen to I remember it coming on once on grandads kitchen radio and he just turned it off before it barely played.If it came on in a car radio I would feel like I was being tortured .what’s worse there were people who really liked it… ohhhh god I actualy saw someone dance to it once in a diner of all places… yeah! oh it took a special kind of idiot to put money in a juke box and play that and ask a girl to dance. yeah people used to dance to juke box music in diner’s and hamburger type joint’s those people used to really annoy me dancin around at 10 AM to run joey run or A heart beat is a love beat .Oh well crap makes the world go round for those who worship at the alter of mediocrity David Geddes paved the way for the Jonas brothers Brittany Spears insync backstreat boys etc honestly most top forty radio is crap but it appeals to those who are easily sold on flash and trash. Im going to teach a manure pile to sing .

  7. I was just thinking about this song today and I found this blog! A friend of mine had that 45 and we laughed for hours and hours playing it. Im ashamed to say its like a guilty pleasure. I wondered what happened to the guy who sang it he must be in hiding there is nothing about him on the internet. I hope he got rich from hit because it was a hit. Its the same like Playground in My Mind like Clint Holmes it was a hit but Clint had no other hits and now he is huge draw in Vegas. At least Clint it making money I dont know what David Geddes is doing he probably has a 9-5!

  8. i quite like the song. i dont see what your all going on about.

  9. Does anyone know what happened to David Geddes? I would think he would come out and do some interviews since the show GLEE has made this song popular again. It is a guilty pleasure. Also I wonder who that young girl or boy is singing “Daddy please dont it wasnt his faulty”? ..maybe its one of the producers kids or something..LOL

  10. Veronica Says:

    I like the song and always did. I never saw the video and don’t want to. As far as what kind of jerk lets his girlfriend take the bullet?…from the lyrics, I always gathered she jumped in front of him and he didn’t have time to stop it.

  11. Who was the girl who sang in the song? David Geddes actually sang his part quite well, he sounded a lot like Van Morrison. But the female singer who takes the point of view of the girlfriend was just awful (annoying, childlike, abrasive, etc.). She almost ruined what was in my opinion a generally good song. She’s the one who might have (and should have) gone into the artist’s protection program, not Geddes!

  12. warrenproject Says:

    I am laughing here at the comments, the song and the memories of when this song came out. I was only 18. So much to yet go thru.


  13. Psyclekase 69 Says:

    Being a blatanly bad 70s song is why we enjoy them today i can name 100s from 60s&70s all great sing along somgs most people love these songs /only the truely brave will admit it

  14. aemason Says:

    David Geddes is not his real name. I went to HS with him. Dont know wehre he ended up. He would have been 25 in 1975.

  15. daceypressman Says:

    I liked it. Still do. Miss the 1970s.

  16. I love the 70’s! I listen everyday on Sirius radio and had the distinct displeasure of hearing this one the other day. I had never heard it before so in my curiosity I had to look it up. This the most wretched, horrid make your ears bleed song I have ever heard!

  17. His real name is David Idema. He had been in law school when he was coaxed out to do this song. He went back I think as he now services local law firms with design and utility patent illustrations.

  18. Yes, I believe he did get called to the bar as he had a license.

  19. #positiveoverdestruction Says:

    This is specifically in response to comments on Last Game of the Season & insults slung at at David Geddes.. I think the asshat might be you…. Unless you are some kind of paid critic.. What music have you compiled that would be better and make you the expert? Have you made the coin he did on such ‘trash’, as you put it. If you were a kid in the 70’s, you’d know many songs were tear jerkers because back then most music was from the heart or true life experiences. I get that you’re entitled to your opinion, however, for me, personally, your opinion assaults my childhood memories. I could’ve done without it while searching for info on this performer, at least he became a ‘somebody’. My mother died when I was 16 and she was never able to attend anything I ever performed or participated in. So yeah, I was offended by this and some following comments. But that’s the world today, right? Who cares whose feelings get hurt, or who may be offended, as long as you have the right to speak your mind, no matter how shallow it or the blog is. No reason to find something positive to support if the general public flow is unempathetic and uncaring about anyone but themself… yay 2017.. what a dismal future we are heading to, yet slamming old music that meant something to someone is the priority. Let’s put others down; maybe it’ll make you feel better about what you’ve accomplished… or not… Thanks for letting all of know what you’re all about!

  20. Jeannie Schonta Says:

    I love this corny song because it’s sooooo over-the-top and badly done it makes me laugh! I remember back in the 70’s when my sister had a slumber party for her birthday and one of the presents she got was a copy of this tune-and you know back in those days to even get a 45 as a present was kind of a big deal!-anyway, she and her friends were playing the record and acting it out, and of course I was there watching and the way they acted the story out had me in stitches! I was laughing so hard because they were so over-the-top, just like the song, they looked so silly! And every time I hear this song I can’t help laughing because I think of my sister and her friends on that crazy night!

  21. At least this song talked about guns in the hands of mentally messed up people. Have you been sleep in the last two decades. Some of the worst no talent, vulgar, violence promoting music I have ever heard.

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