nablopomo: or, how i learned to blog daily for a month

i love a good challenge. and every year, as november rolls around, its time for national blog posting month, aka nablopomo. (some people liked blogging daily so much, they decided to create themes for every. single. month that’s a little too hardcore for a free spirit like myself.)

last year, i picked a crazy theme: media mom month. you can read more about these reviews of books and music i loathe or love for kids simply by taking the wayback machine and plugging in november 2007. (kidding.) or, you can simply click here, start at the bottom, and work your way through..

this year, i pondered and pondered: what on Dog’s Green Earth can i write about consistently for a month? i know so many people (3) who are fascinated by the minutae that takes up space in my cranium, but what is something i adore (besides my family) and something i could rant about for 30 days… at least?

and my inspiration came from a least expected place: a recent heated email discussion with my brother larry, AKA the man politically to the right of Atilla the Hun. i don’t remember who started it, though i suspect i was the instigator; i always was, my brother will tell anyone within earshot. you see, my brother is the Dean of All Bad 1970s Music.Β  no one i know (including myself) has a more encyclopedic knowledge of bad 1970s music.

so there we were, flinging youtube videos back and forth, each song getting worse and worse. and it came to me: write about Blatantly Bad 1970s Music! It will be hard to pick the firm favorites, but someone has to do it.

thus, i’m suspending guilty pleasure mondays this month; probably writing little about the election (unless i achieve nirvana after the election is over); and certainly not telling any tales from Hellboy’s Realm. i’m focusing on the awfullest of the awful.

and i take requests, so bring them on.

so pull on your polyester. we’ll get down. we’ll get funky.

and then we’ll get back up again.

camp leonard baer, 1979

i'd be the counselor on the far right. 1978, and your 1970s opinionated queen.. note the wings in my hair. that's what we called them then, not mullets, children. (thank Dog i had just gotten contacts, or else you'd see the ohmygawd-sized glasses.)

13 Responses to “nablopomo: or, how i learned to blog daily for a month”

  1. A song that would resonate in my head and drive me insane and still does… Anita Ward – “Ring My Bell.” ARGH.

    But that’s just off of the top of my head… I know there are worse ones.

    “You can ring my beeeeeeeeeeeellll… ring my bell.”

    GAH! Now it’s in my head. Get it out, GET IT OUT!

  2. I love me some disco, so I think I might be out numbered here.

    Also, a theme? Criminy. I was just going to commit to blogging daily for 30 days.

  3. HAHAHAHA! Love those wings! I had the exact same hair πŸ™‚

    How about some Bay City Rollers?

  4. i secretly love me some disco as well (i’ve written about a few tunes on guilty pleasure mondays, as back in the day, my oldest brother told me i would be banished from our family if i brought home the Sat Nite Fever soundtrack πŸ˜‰ ahhh, my seeeeeecret disco loves.

    but there *are* disco songs that send me over the edge (and ring my bell would definitely qualify. i plan to include a few. but believe me, there is fodder galore that is not disco that fits, in my mind, as awful 70s music.

    obviously, something i loathe may be someone else’s guilty pleasure. live and let live, i say πŸ™‚ for example, i actually LIKE screaming S A T U R D A Y – NIGHT! lol…. ::ducking from thrown tomatoes now::

  5. MiddleBro Says:


    In the words of the Brothers Johnson… Get the funk outta my face!

  6. middlebro – it’s all your fault.

    i’m just sayin’…

  7. you obviously have to write about the sgt pepper movie. good music used to very bad effect.

    and here’s some inspiration:

  8. Olivia Newton-John, Cliff Richard, “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy” (Although I truly don’t remember which year that came out), “Kung Fu Fighting,” oh holy crap make me stop

  9. Leave my Olivia alone!

    And I had Kung Fu Fighting as a ringtone for my KF friends for a while. I still have it floating around somewhere.

    So much bad music out there. You might have to break it down by year, not decade, to do it justice. πŸ™‚

  10. MiddleBro Says:

    To be honest, i never cared much for dreamweaver, but as i look at that picture with that HAIR omg. Really takes me back.
    How ’bout Lobo. Me and you and a dog named Boo?

  11. Can’t wait to read me some bad 70’s info from the trivia goddess. πŸ™‚

  12. well, wreke, you’ve inspired me to try a theme as well. I’m not sure how much I’ll have to say about ’70s music, tho. while I do have it going that I was alive during the entire decade (who sez blogging’s just for younguns?), I can’t say I paid much attention to 70’s music. I’ll poke my head in from time to time.

  13. What FUN!! I like to listen to the Totally 70s on Sirius so I’ll keep better notice… Altho, just today I saw J.Geils with something I didn’t recognize. I always think of them as 80s!

    One of my faves that I don’t hear enough is The Spinners Rubberband Man – LOVE that song.

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