guilty pleasure monday: fame (irene cara)

any movie that could inspire me to iron and press my long, straight hair… any movie that could convince me that i could — and should — actually sing… any movie that could fill me with awe that there were kids out in the world actually living a far more grown-up existence than i was at the time… well, it’s got to be a film great, right?



damn. i spent hours bemoaning the fact that i somehow never even thought to get into julliard or NY PA (never mind that i was living in the wrong state at the time to even qualify.) my high school’s talent show never looked like this:

though we did have a very out-of-tune girl attempting to sing this:

to be sure, when i saw the movie, my 15-year-old-self did not fully understand the plot. in fact, recently, when i read a summary of the film, i scratched my head: that happened? wow, how did i miss THAT?  (i suppose i shall have to find a copy and try again.) but i remember the urgency i felt to be living a more creative life, once i saw these kids singing, dancing, and leaping their way into the world. (it took me until i was nearly 40 to get there, but hell, i never was a prodigy like these kids.)

i always thought irene cara had a voice that could lift a truck in the air and throw it to earth many miles away. i always wondered why she never became huge.

but i always remembered her name.


11 Responses to “guilty pleasure monday: fame (irene cara)”

  1. This film always makes me somewhat regretful that I didn’t follow my musical beginnings. I peaked in my senior year of high school, then chickened out (or, perhaps, took the wise route) in college and chose not to bet my future on my ability to successfully compete in music/dance.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful song(s) today! I have not thought about that movie (or the great tv series for that matter) in many a year. I am renting it to watch soon.

  3. Remember my name … I always wished someone would. Actually, my favorite song from the movie was the gospel song sung by the choir. I think it’s called “Never Alone”. Never could figure out how a Jewish girl could get such inspiration from a Jesus song.

  4. at some point i’m going to post about how i related to bruno, the piano-playing sensitivo. bruno is the reason i rocked a jewfro through most of high school. yes, there are pictures. no, they’re not going on the internet.

  5. dude, didn’t you rock a jewfro in college? i thought you had a mini one, anyway, when we met.

  6. ugh, you’re probably right. it was still quite unruly. i was over fame by that point, though – what you saw was just poor grooming and a lack of self-awareness.

  7. Oh you know I ❤ Fame when I was younger. Irene Cara did lift trucks with her voice. Time we petition a comeback, I say. 🙂

    Hey, I have an award for ya over at my site. You probably already have it, cuz you rawk that way, but come see anyway. 😉

  8. Never saw the movie because I hated the music as it was recorded for radio airplay. But that means I never saw and heard Cara sing that last piece, with just the piano. She was awesome. But the glitzed-up Top 40 stuff? Not nearly as good. When will producers realize that over-production is overrated?

    Never, I guess.

  9. I started a food fight at lunch one day and tried to start singing the lunch song, I remember it fondly.

  10. Norman Stanley Says:

    Fame was a major hit for Irene Cara

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