guilty pleasure monday: naughty naughty (john parr)

there are so many unsolved mysteries in life. how was the world created? how will we get out of our national financial crisis? is there really a G-d?

and why the hell do i like this song?

one day, my old pal leifer, the first boy i became friends with who shared my passion for music (but not for each other, which is why we’re still friends, nearly 30 years later), smacked my exhausted college brain: who sang naughty naughty? he asked. (leifer does this to me from time to time; he’s been a little bitter with me over the years, only because i whipped his sorry butt every year in the rock trivia competition at camp in high school. heh.)

shockingly, my little mental musical encyclopedia drew a blank. i couldn’t tell. and it took me awhile to get my head around it: john parr. john parr, later of st. elmo’s fire (man in motion) fame. who later, i learned, wrote roger daltrey’s under a raging moon, another guilty pleasure of mine that is riddled with 1980s musical cliches (not to mention those imitative keyboards, so evocative of, uh, i dunno, who are you perhaps?)

i don’t remember whether i ever answered him; he may be laughing at me to this very day for not answering his question. i don’t recall (though i suspect he’ll remind me. and soon.) but i do love this song. yes, in spite of the fact that john parr looks like the mulleted love child spawn of mel gibson and billy ray cyrus; despite the fact that the scary, she-men women in this video could probably beat me senseless in a dark alley; and that the words to the song are relatively filthy, i can’t help myself.

the chorus kills me every time, especially the point in the song where the song seems to melt for a second.

i’m so grateful i don’t have to go up against my dear pal leifer in any more rock trivia contests. i’ve killed far too many brain cells to be able to compete.

but at least, 20+ years later, i can finally answer this one.

5 Responses to “guilty pleasure monday: naughty naughty (john parr)”

  1. OMG.
    That is a whole lotta perm going on in that video.
    And just about every single 80’s cliche. Including the ‘jazz’ dancers in the background and mustard yellow tights.

    WOW. my eyes are a little stunned. I might have to go rest them now.

  2. I don’t remember this episode when I asked, and you were temporarily unable to answer, about “Naughty Naughty”. Notwithstanding, I loved the shout out and the wry smile elicited by memory of the song(s). I should mention that if I am to be associated in any way with John Parr I would choose “Man in Motion” or “Under a Raging Moon” over “Naughty Naughty”.

  3. oh leifer, i suspect there’s a LOT you don’t remember from the mid-1980s.


  4. Can’t click. At the office. But I think I remember the song, and it’s curling my toes (and not in the good way, so sorry). BUT I do have plenty of guilty pleasure 80s songs, many of which jar my husband right to his bones, so of course I have to buy them on iTunes and make our daughters love them.

    ELO, The Traveling Wilburys, and Nick Lowe come to mind. Now I’M the one ducking. 🙂

    — Laurie

  5. Whew!! One less mystery is out there. 😉

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