guilty pleasure monday: something about you (level 42)

level forty-who? that’s what people in the states might say when they hear the name of the band responsible for my next guilty pleasure.

in fact, i thought of this song after thinking about last week’s guilty pleasure monday selection. wow, i thought, didn’t simply red sing “something about you”? no, they didn’t — level 42, another uk band with a mellow sound (clearly destined for soft rock stations everywhere), are the guilty party.

now, the kids of today (yes, please lecture us, granny wreke!) cannot remember the time when people actually looked forward to watching music videos! (YES! and there was a time when we had no such thing as “the real world,”  “TRL,” and rap actually was decent and said something interesting.) but, yeah verily, we folks of a certain age can remember actually watching music videos.

and something about you has a video that completely freaked me out. the video, seen above, appears to show something scary about each band member’s relationship with their (real? who knows) girlfriends/wives. that’s not so bad, i suppose. i mean, every relationship has a downside. but then…


that freaky clown scared the crap out of me.

to this day, i wonder: when BS and i are arguing, is the clown behind me, glowering? when we drive away in the car, is the clown peering through my doorway? is he performing a song and dance in my attic?

so i knew i must nominate this song for guilty pleasure monday.

the clown told me i had to do it.


4 Responses to “guilty pleasure monday: something about you (level 42)”

  1. I don’t remember the video very well, but I remember the song and could even have sung along with a bunch of it. Never could have told you the name of the band, though – I have trouble remembering the names of groups I have on my iPod!

  2. I think I was sleeping through the time when rap actually was decent and said something interesting. The occasional Run DMC song is about all I can handle.

    BUT! I am GREAT at being Granny Foolery, and I force my children to listen to The Who and Elvis Costello and the English Beat and whoever I can think of to warp their little minds.

    Along with Brass Monkey, of course. Blecchh. ; )

  3. I was a Level-42 fan and loved that song. Had never seen the video though. For some reason, at the time, I think I thought of them as a “Brit Funk” band. Anyway, hope you’re well Sheryl. I finally have internet access at home, so will hopefully visit your site more.

  4. I swear I am your cyber-twin. Love Level 42 and this song, esp. the harmonies in the chorus. What a dweeb I am.

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