guilty pleasure monday: do you wanna funk (sylvester)

find yo’ dancin’ shoes that you kicked aside last week. lace up them high-heeled sneakers.

do you wanna funk with me?

the late, great sylvester james was a hell of a guy — and girl, i suppose, performing solo as well as part of a transvestite group which at one point included divine among it’s ranks.  s/he did his bit for freedom and the american way, and it was a sad, sad day when we lost him to AIDS in 1988.

it’s pretty damn hard for me to choose between funk and you make me feel (mighty real), as they both put the fun into funky, HI-NRG disco. but back when i was allegedly too cool to like any sort of dance music, well, i secretly treasured this song among others.

good thing it has a great hook. his falsetto is SO damn high, there’s no WAY anyone over the age of four can sing along with it. acceptably, that is.

anyway, i’m too busy dancing right now to say anything terribly clever. besides, in disco, it’s not exactly about the lyrics, for the most part.

so go dance. go on.


One Response to “guilty pleasure monday: do you wanna funk (sylvester)”

  1. Getting my funk on as we speak sista!!! 😉

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