oh, carol

some married men are careless when it comes to their first wives.for example:

and then, there’s john mccain. apparently, while he was in that awful POW camp, he was missing his beautiful, former model wife carol. what he didn’t know was that she was in a horrible car accident. she needed 23 operations. and she held it all together, children and all while he was away, serving the country of course, but still away.

when he returned, he essentially screwed around on this poor woman. he ended up dumping her for his current wife, a beer heiress 17 years his junior. even ross perot, who paid carol’s medical bills — and there were heaps of them — put it succinctly:

McCain is the classic opportunist, he told the interviewer. After he came home, Carol walked with a limp. So he threw her over for a poster girl with big money from Arizona.

let the record show mccain’s cheating past. and let that info go straight to the working-class women voters he’s trying to woo. i’m sick and tired of public men getting away with this crap. they cloak themselves in the garments of American Hero, but somehow, the content of their character is betrayed by such cowardly acts of disloyalty.


8 Responses to “oh, carol”

  1. I have many, many reasons not to vote for McCain….

  2. I wish, I wish I could get my parents to read some of this dirt! But all they “know” is Obama’s from Chicago, Chicago is full of corrupt politicans from waay back, therefore Obama is corrupt. End of story, na na na na, I can’t hear you.

  3. Excellent. Well put. Best of luck to us all in November.

  4. notdancingqueen Says:

    The exact reason I really don’t care for Bill Clinton, either. Though most people seem to apply a double-standard to him just because he’s a Democrat…which drives me crazy (fact-based, nonpartisan, impartial, unbiased…an occupational hazard from my day-job I guess…) To me, a lying cheating asshole is a lying cheating asshole — donkey or elephant be damned.

  5. oh yeah. i have issues with bill. politically, i was fairly in synch with him. as a human, i don’t think i ever will be.

    but sometimes, i wonder whether the sort of person who seeks public office isn’t often the stereotypical former student council president type nerd who can’t wait to have a bigger pond in which to fish. and fish they all do.

  6. Dear notdancingqueen:
    Say what you will, as far as we know Clinton was only screwing Americans one at a time. But then again he didn’t have Kkkarl Rove guiding his every move.
    McFossil is no different than Bush, votes with him 90% of the time. If the last four years (and the last 40 hours) have been great for you, well, then great for you. Me, not so much.
    Jerry w

  7. Loss that Ross Perot quote.

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