book of dreams

i believe in the free trade of ideas. there are a lot of people who have different opinions on everything i hold dear. that’s okay. i just don’t have to vote for them.

social conservatives scare me. i don’t care whether they’re male or female; anyone in power — say, a mayor — who wants to ban books from their local public library is not a person i want a heartbeat away from the presidency.

the nazis burned books.


8 Responses to “book of dreams”

  1. Evil is never very far from Rupublican politicians. They have a close personal relationship with Evil.

  2. OMG, keep this scary stuff coming. I need some fodder to argue with my parents when the topic comes up. My mom keeps wanting to talk politics with me and I just want to shut it down with hard, scary facts.

  3. Sick to my stomach? You bet. Please tell me that my fellow Hillary supporters are not as dumb as the Republicans are counting on.

  4. Oh my. I do completely agree!!! And thanks for some ammo for a bit of a Palin-war that is going on in my moms list!!!

  5. Although I cringe at the idea of her being vice-president, I did a little more research into this. It is only hearsay about this. No one but the previous mayor can corroborate this story. Plus any list of books you find out there as a list that she wanted to ban is total fiction.

    That being said, she did threaten to fire the librarian, but she also fired most of the town staff.

    Again, a McCain/Palin win makes me shudder with fright. God willing people will open their eyes before election day.

  6. here’s more info on that matter from the anchorage daily news:

  7. What strikes me about Ms. Palin is that she brands herself as a pitbull in lipstick fighting the good ol’ boy network. Yet, when you read up on her views, practices and how she spends her time, that is exactly what she sounds like — a good ol’ boy. Wolf in sheep’s clothing?
    Just my two cents.

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