every day is a winding road

that tear in my eye isn’t because my car currently smells like the sour milk sea (thanks to jools’ spilling an entire bottle of nestle quik nearly two weeks ago). it’s not because my poor BS is suffering from a horrible sore throat (which does sadden me, of course, to a point.) nope.

kindergarten starts today.

my little boy is starting kindergarten. he was initially skeptical of the event, belligerently fighting against any attempts to introduce him to the place. but one of the silver linings of last week’s vacation misadventure was the fact that we returned home in time for the school’s meet your teacher event. jools complained at first bitterly about having to attend this; but with some coaxing from BC (school is SO FUN! she cooed to her brother. boy, i owe her big time), he went.

at first, mister man was not interested in his lovely teacher or teaching assistant. we walked around the room, admiring the displays, finding the little tiny bathroom, and picking up important mountains of paperwork. BC then became antsy to meet her teacher, so i left jools and BS in kindergarten, hoping for the best.

when i returned, the boys were sitting in the reading corner. jools doesn’t read yet, but he loves books. and when he saw an entire collection of early reader I Spy books in the reading nook, well, love comes to everyone, you know? the boy would. not. leave. in fact, we closed the place.

i LIKE kindergarten, the boy announced. when does school start???

[insert hallelujah chorus here.]

for me, while this means both kids are in school together, it also means that i am now a full-time, stay at home mom. i have to go full-tilt in homework land. i’ll probably be volunteering a bit more. and i have those kids otherwise, 24/7. i’ll need to hone my skills in time management, project management, people management. and the mom mobile, which currently smells foul, will probably smell even worse after all sorts of things, edible or otherwise, have been dropped, forgotten, or left for dead on the floor.

i’m excited. i’m nervous. i’m thinking about ear plugs.

i suspect the TV and the computer will need to be regulated a bit more now. i suspect the two kids who fight over air will fight that. much. more. i wonder when i’ll resort to charts for keeping track of everything. it wasn’t where i saw myself 10 years ago, but it’s my reality now, a reality i know some might actually give their eye-teeth for. (note to self: must look up the word eye-teeth before hellboy decides to attempt to somehow develop a new, realistic concept of the term on his own, with potentially violent — or vile — results.) i’m so used to having only one kid 24/7 at a time. now, it’s time to do the two-kid shuffle. if my mom worked and juggled three kids, surely i can hack two, right?

i just hope i remember to stop, take a breath sometimes, and enjoy it.


6 Responses to “every day is a winding road”

  1. Happy first day of kindergarten! Part of me can’t wait until Thea starts next year, and part of me gets a little teary at the idea. I can’t imagine how I’ll feel when both kids are officially in school.

  2. mom zombie Says:

    Enjoy the milestone! Take lots of pictures.

  3. Ah, so wonderful for everyone. I’m glad the jools is excited for school.

    I once had raw chicken juice leak out and into my car cushion (pls don’t ask specifics – I barely had the guts to tell my husband!) but I think I enzyme-cleanered it into the next century and my car smells OK now. Of course, I wonder if my seat-heater will turn on this winter? Good luck with the milk.

  4. We’ll have to get Jools & Rosie together to chat about their experiences! And, I’m kinda wishing that I could at least go part-time. I’m “teleworking” today and after the kindergarten drop-off, then the daycare drop-off, and getting me some coffee, it’s now 11 and I haven’t done a lick of work. (just between us bloggers, okay?)

  5. Yay Jules! Happy kindergarten big guy! Is a shopvac in both of our futures?! holy granola all over mine…

  6. Yes, enjoy it. It is a blessing to be a SAHM full time. We are lucky in so many ways. That said- you might go alittle insane at first. But hey, that is what the blog is for right?? We got your back. No worries….

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