punky’s dilemma

school is about to start, and i’m wrestling with my kids’ lunchtime situations, both from a nutritional and an environmental perspective. you can experience my angst on this topic over at the green parent, where i’m guest blogging today. go check it out and share your solutions, people.

i sure need them.

and to those of you who’ve gotten here via the awesome green parent blog, welcome. i promise not to curse in this post.

after that, all bets are off. (if you read back at my ongoing, so-called vacation from h-e-double-toothpicks, you may understand why.)


4 Responses to “punky’s dilemma”

  1. I left you a comment. Hope it gets easier — I have to keep my hands away from my kids’ mouths while they’re eating in order to keep all of my fingers, so we have other problems. Whining, for example, apropos of nothing. : )

    — Laurie

    p.s. Would you lahk a meent? Eet’s waffer theen!

  2. I hear you on this. I just packed my kids’ first lunches of the year for tomorrow and each of them include a fair amount of trash. And some American cheese. It’s tough. And school lunch isn’t a whole lot better. (Nutritionally, at least.)

  3. Although we as adults enjoy variety, I think kids are much more happy and comfortable with routine. If they want peanut butter every day, that’s fine by me. Don’t make yourself nuts with the lunches, and make up the nutritional defecit at breakfast and dinner.

    No one ever accused me of being a health-food fanatic or even being “green” (sorry Kermit) but I do try to encourage reasonably healthy food choices for the kids.

    I try to pack fruit for their daily school SNACK, they’re much less likely to toss it out than at lunchtime. Keep a pile of small plastic containers for canned fruit, yogurt, applesauce, etc. and don’t forget to stock up on plastic spoons.

    My non-sandwich eating kids are fond of:

    whole grain mini-bagels with a small yogurt and some fruit.

    leftover chicken nuggets. Yes, my kids like them cold and leftover, with cold leftover steamed carrot sticks.

    peanut butter on crackers, or anything! (breadsticks, apple slices, celery etc). I buy these teeny plastic containers at the dollar store – 10 for a buck – they sell them as baby food leftover containers. They’re just right for holding a scoop of peanut butter. Also for a blob of ketchup for the aforementioned chicken nuggets. Woden popsicle sticks help smear the peanut butter.

    And finally, they like what they call “Rolled Up”. as in, sandwich meat and/ or cheese rolled up a tube shape. Or try little chunks and cubes or turkey and cheese, etc and add chunks of melon and red and green grapes for color. Finger foods are always fun.

    In my humble oninion, there isn’t anything wrong with designating an occasional special day for “cereal straws” or whatever sugar laden commercial crap they just gotta have. That’s what treats are for, isn’t it?
    If my kids do their homework all week without arguing about it, then I give them some money to buy a “goodie” at school on Fridays – chips or ice cream or whatever. They don’t feel left out, they learn to “earn” rewards, and I don’t have to nag about homework every night and I don’t get hit up for spare change every day! Don’cha just love a win-win!

    Happy back to school!!!

  4. MiddleBro Says:

    Ill have to check to see if i still have my Rat Patrol lunch box…

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