all mixed up

i was supposed to be on an amtrak train today, heading south to orlando, destination: disney. instead, i am home. amtrak cancelled my train due to a storm called faye that never turned into a hurricane.

it’s all mixed up.

first, amtrak never actually contacted us to tell us. if i hadn’t been a person who follows everything on the web, i would actually be travelling to lorton right now, getting ready to board a train on a track to nowhere. then, when we called amtrak the first time, they told us that they were canceling both legs of our train trip. if i wanted my return trip, i would need to rebook — at a higher price. at that point in time, we were contemplating driving down and taking the train back, so to say we were pissed about that would be the understatement of the century. i wrote a nastygram to amtrak. to their credit, an agent called me last night at 10:30 p.m. to tell me that they’d hang on to my return trip if i let them know by 4 p.m. wednesday.

in reality, we are not in the right mind to drive two days for our trip. i think there’s a certain level of mental prep that one does for such an experience, and we were simply not there. and, as the next train down with available seating doesn’t leave until monday, this dog wasn’t huntin’.

meanwhile, The Mouse doesn’t care that i have no way of coming to disney; they want $200 cancellation fee, thank-you-very-much. unless there is a hurricane warning declared, disney is open and expects your ass on the monorail.

oh. and there’s the little matter of two children who were completely pumped for their trip to disneyworld. they have been trying to be little troopers, especially since we told them we’re going to reschedule this trip if it’s the last thing we do; but jeez louise, this situation continues to go from dumb to dumber. only one or two highlights, as there were actually so many from which to choose:

a) when we call to officially cancel the amtrak train, an extremely nasty, sharp-tongued ticket agent informed BS that he was getting $400 back. uh, come again? those tix cost WAY more than $400. he asked her why, and she began yelling a barrage of nastiness at him. (she should thank her lucky stars that i was not on the phone. at that point, i was in no mood for anyone messing with me, my family, or anybody.) when BS asked for a supervisor, she clearly put on her colleague. nevermind; the colleague was nice and even honored the old price for the rescheduled trip.

b) when rescheduling disney, the confirmation came back — with DIFFERENT DATES AT THE WRONG HOTEL. he got on the phone, and something apparently had gone kerflooey. someone went into the database and fixed things; we’re waiting for the emailed confirmation to show that things have been put right.

there’s so much more i could write, but suffice to say, i am extremely disappointed with Amtrak and Disney. i am shocked at how we’ve been treated. things better be better the next time or else i guess our days of patronizing either enterprise are limited.

lessons learned:

  • sometimes travel insurance (which we had) is completely irrelevant
  • never travel to florida in august
  • we are actually capable of making lemonade out of lemons

re: the last bit: we will make our own fun. just closer to home. i’ll keep blogging; i’ll just be a little sporadic, as my buddy maren likes to say. see, i have these three other people here, and i think i’m supposed to pay attention to them. so talk amongst yourselves. i’ll still give a guilty pleasure monday next week; how could i not? and maybe i’ll type another thing or two.

but in short: i need a break from all this vacation crap.


8 Responses to “all mixed up”

  1. WOW! I am so sorry. I am praying that our Auto Train is not canceled, but it is on Sunday so it should be fine. Try to have a nice week. Who knows? You might find it more relaxing than being at Disney.

  2. Ugh. I’m sorry. I’ve never been to Disney and I wonder (doubt) if I’ll ever make it. and I wonder (doubt) I care. But for you! only good wishes! I hope you get there and have an awesome time! I’ll be here to read all about it either which way.

  3. That is All Wrong. Have a good time anyway. Being spontaneous and just enjoying each other can be a real treat.

  4. Yup, that surely sucks. But think of the enviro move on the staycation (evil smile here)! I hope y’all have a good week (what about camping, it’s been pretty nice out, or that water park with the indoor slides?) – wtf on the travel insurance? Cause it was weather-related?

  5. WOW. Thanks for blogging about this. It’s great to learn from your misadventure without having to actually experience the whole mess myself. I canNOT believe Amtrak. Disney, yes. Anyone who peddles all that princess gak is not our friend.

  6. Such a bummer. I am bummed for you. I know what it feels like when plans don’t go…well, as planned. Hang in there.

  7. I’m SO sorry your vacation went kerflooey. We’re scheduled to drive up to NY tomorrow (today, now that I look at the clock). Maybe we will hit the first snowstorm of the season, with the way that my luck has been going lately. ::rolls eyes::

  8. So bummed for you, Miss Wreke. This calls for s’mores in the back yard and G&Ts for the big people!

    Two more things: I tried to send you an earworm, just for you, but for some reason my computer was having NONE of it. I’ll keep trying, but be forewarned.

    Also, I just wrote a post that ALSO reminded me of you (I swear to Jeebus I am not a stalker), and as soon as I dump this trashy note on you I am off to go post it. Come check it out between G&Ts.

    Hope you salvage your weekend and your sanity!

    — Laurie @ Foolery

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