guilty pleasure monday: knock on wood (eddie floyd)

today is our old cat dum-dum’s birthday. he would be about, oh, i dunno, 40 at this point. we had to give him away because my beloved politically-incorrect brother, larry, was allergic to him. he went to a great home, probably with people who would let him roam outside. (we often joke with my mother — is today your birthday? her birthday is tomorrow, but for years, we have teased her about celebrating dum-dum’s birthday instead of her’s.) he was one lucky-ass cat.

which brings us to today’s guilty pleasure — and one of my all-time favorite songs. in fact, if there is one song that pretty much sums up my lot in life, it’s this one:

i was first introduced to this song when it was disco-fied by amii stewart in the 1970s:

oh how i loved that song — and still do (in spite of the fact that i have no earthly idea why amii stewart is trailing colors in this video, like a late-to-the-party acid flashback.) i loved it secretly, though, as i wasn’t allowed to love disco lest i be disowned by my oldest brother, BTD. (he literally told me that if i bought the saturday night fever album, i would be out of the family.) it wasn’t cool to like disco, so being 12 or 13, i of course complied like the lemming i was.

but i had heard it was a cover song, so i had to hear the original. and did i ever! the memphis horns i love so well jumped out at me, as well as steve cropper’s guitar. and floyd , the ever-industrious writer and performer at stax, pushes the song over the top with his somewhat raspy voice. i cannot imagine anyone else, now, singing this song, though it has been covered hundreds of times by everyone from legions of american idol contestants to david bowie (the latter being just strange, sounding like something the saturday night live band would play. bowie isn’t known for having a great deal of range in his voice. and it shows.)

i am a lucky person. i have a fantastic family. i have friends i cherish. i have health insurance, which keeps me annoying the rest of the world for years to come. i continue to live a forest gump-like life, where i land in historic situations without knowing it until years later. oh, and i win concert tickets an awful lot. so this song speaks to me. it always has. it always will.

you bet your ass i knock on wood.


2 Responses to “guilty pleasure monday: knock on wood (eddie floyd)”

  1. Great choice for the song, but the Amii Stewart version? I like disco, but this video has to be put out of its (and our) misery!

  2. mom zombie Says:

    Thanks for the blast from the past. I can relate about the disco thing. I kinda secretly liked some of it, but I was a DREAD card-carrying member so it had to be a secret pleasure. (DREAD stands for Detroit Rockers Engaged in the Abolition of Disco.) Original is way better.

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