that’s entertainment

BC has been at a trip camp for the past week. fortunately, she is having a much better time at this camp than at the last one. she has made a friend or two, and what is there not to like when every day, you hit a waterpark or a zoo or some other venue of fun? (next summer, i want a summer camp for grownups.) but i suspect making a friend has made all the difference with miss thang, who is quite the social chick.

that’s why i was struck by something she said yesterday as i picked her up. mama, she said, so-and-so has an mp3 player like mine.

she brought an mp3 player to camp? i asked.

oh mama, everyone on the bus has mp3 players or nintendos, game boys, cell phones. that sort of thing.

time for the maternal head scratch. aren’t people supposed to actually talk to each other on the bus? interact?

we do talk, mama.

yeah. the social ones. or the ones like mine, whose mama doesn’t allow her to bring any electronics to camp. mean, mean mama.

what is up with people these days? why do our children have to be entertained every. single. blessed. second. of. the. day? i mean, i understand if you’re going on a four-hour drive listening to books on tape or watching DVDs. but a hop across town? a bus ride at camp?

not to mention the fact that my kids would probably lose the few expensive electronics they possess if i let them take them anywhere.

but i digress. per usual.

it reminds me of the time when we were on our first (and last) carnival cruise. the award-winning children’s program had two full hours of kids playing on gameboys. even girlfriend, who was about seven at the time, knew that was lame.

don’t get me wrong. we have our serious couch potato tendencies around here. we are all computer addicts. we probably watch too much television. we all could do with more exercise. but i ensure there are times in my kids’ lives when they are bored. bored, bored, bored. because you know what? life can be boring. and that’s okay. take a boring moment and figure out how to handle it. play? read? clean? run? call a friend? so many options.

plenty which don’t require batteries.


6 Responses to “that’s entertainment”

  1. I agree! I love that during the time when my guy is in Sweden, he is quite electronically deprived 🙂

  2. Amen sister! My children will never have game boys or PSPs or any of those handheld devices. We do not have an Xbox nor do we intend to get one. I know we are horrible parents, but it seems to us that there are plenty of things for our kids to do instead of playing with these mindless toys. Believe it or not, my sister-in-law thinks we ARE bad parents for not allowing our children to get these waste of time devices!

    When we were looking for a new car (we did not get one, and wont for at least one more year) we specifically decided that we will NOT buy one with the DVD player installed. I dont want my kids asking for this for a short car trip.

    MP3 player, well there I will give in eventually as my kids have a wonderful love of music and there are times they want to listen when no one else does. But it will stay home and only come in the car when we go on long trips.

    Anyway, you hit one of my topics with this one. Maybe one day I will rant about it on my blog.

  3. Oh I don’t know…batteries got me through plenty of boring nights… ;-D

    Seriously, though — totally, totally, totally agree (shocked, I’m sure.) We are The Meanest Parents On The Planet because we are The Only Ones who don’t have a DVD player in the car – installed or otherwise. Yes, on 19-hour car trips to Florida, my kids play with make-your-own-magnets on a cookie sheet, do mom-made scavenger hunts, play the license plate game, and (though I don’t recommend this…PunchBuggy.) We have no gameboys or Xbox, no Wii. Please, save my children from the horrors of our household! MP# players – yeas, we’ll give in (probably next week for Miss Thang’s birthday) but we all love a good tune, now, don’t we? 🙂

  4. I watch families leave my subdivision and go to the grocery store (< 10 minutes) and the freaking tv is on. Drives me bonkers. Son has a leapster and he’s just realized that he can ask to take it in the car. Sometimes we say yes, sometimes no, so it’s a total crap shoot for him. We have a Wii, but both kids (soon to be 5 & 3) have to “buy” time on it. Same for tv. An occasional family movie night, sure. We work hard to limit screen time. Consequently my kids are dirty and bruised – from all that playing outside that they do.

  5. We’re kind of evil parents because our boy doesn’t have all those video games. He’s a good sport about it though.

  6. My kids don’t own GameBoys. We don’t have a Wii. I keep a stash of colored pencils and – gasp!- coloring books and puzzle books in the car for long (or not so long) car rides. (Note to parents – colored pencils do not melt in the hot summer sun like crayons do, and keep a pencil sharperner on hand too). We are a one television household. That means when Daddy has to watch a critical ball game, the kids are forced to find their own entertainment. Guess what? They DO find plenty of ways to entertain themselves, all it takes is a little suggestion.

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