no rain

a sort of continuation of yesterday’s post. because you know you want to hear me whine that. much. more. but fear not. i promise; today is a happy post. a shiny, happy post. a post with a happy buzz.

a post with no rain.

somedays, i feel like a professional patient. i have been to a pulmonologist; a gastroenterologist; a cardiologist; a dermatologist; a hematologist/oncologist; an infectious diseases doctor; a gynecologist (well, once a year, whether i like it or not); an orthopedist; and my regular, run-of-the-mill primary care dude… and my dentist twice a year, of course. and that’s just in the past year. and that’s just for me. not to mention the doc-in-the-box i hit up a few weeks ago when my lymph nodes went kerflooey (and my brother-the-doctor, alias BTD, told me to stop taking antibiotics and suck it up… which of course was the correct thing to do once i found i didn’t have strep. lord, i hate when he’s right.)

i spend a fair amount of time with doctors, and not just because i’m related to one, either. most treat me well. some treat me with complete disrespect. i have learned to appreciate many of them and the help they give me. and i have learned, over time, that very few of them really know much about CVID. they know pieces of the elephant, but they’ve never actually seen the elephant. (l’elephant, c’est moi?) (BTD tells me that in his years of practice, it would have never occurred to him to learn much about CVID until he actually had to.) i spend time educating them in a way that is hopefully not pedantic. (my brother larry says i am often pedantic. i try to use the word pedantic in a sentence as much as possible, just to show him i am not pedantic. phooey on you-ey, big brother 😉

seriously, as much as i like sharing what i know with doctors (such as explaining what my IgG, IgA, and IgM numbers mean), it does get exhausting, especially since i would appreciate more guidance than what i can get from the internet. i often marvel at the fact that if BTD wasn’t: a) a doctor, and b) a person who understands what CVID is, i would be fumbling in the dark, looking for that damn pachyderm myself.

so it was with intense pleasure that i met with the immunologist today. i hadn’t seen him since november 2006, when i decided to plunge into a semi-denial state and get a second opinion, an opinion which, of course, corresponded perfectly with his own. sure, i hate his parking lot in bethesda. but he is the best. la creme de la creme. he knows his stuff. he’s up on current research. he listens. (he even let me give him exercise pointers since he, too, just had arthroscopic knee surgery.)

and he can advise.

no, i still have CVID, and i’ll probably have CVID for the remainder of my hopefully plentiful days. i only have to have chest and sinus scans if i appear to be having trouble in those areas (and not mandatorily every year like other people have guessed. it is like he channeled my brother.) yes, he agrees with BTD that getting breakdowns of my IgG groups is not necessary (damn, i hate when my brother is right.) and yes, he will help me steer the train. come back in six months unless i have a problem or concern.

and keep those IVs of gammaglobulin flowin’.

finally. it’s like i found someone besides my brother who is familiar with my tribe of bees.


5 Responses to “no rain”

  1. Glad to hear that you have an engineer for you train. I hope you hadn’t placed any bets with BTD about what engineer would say, otherwise he might entitled to give you a swirly or a wedgie. Or whatever brothers to do sisters when they’re right.

  2. catherine must have had a coupla older ones herself. glad you found a reasonably competent doc! that must have been getting old.

  3. mom zombie Says:

    Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog.
    I see you are featuring the Bee Girl on your site. Perfect match for Mary Catherine Gallagher, don’t you think? Perhaps it’s her first public performance.

  4. My oldest friend has been battling her immune system and a bevy of doctors for years. I have learned much from her experiences, and it sounds like yours are pretty similar. Nice to know you have a really good doctor — and BTD — in your court.

    Also, I LOVE that song, and overplayed it when it was new (still overplay it now that it’s old). I recognize the bee girl in myself, although I suck at dancing and I get hay fever.

    — Laurie @ Foolery

  5. oh, i heart you guys.

    and welcome, mom zombie, you wacky lady, you. i suppose i could be considered the jewish version of mary catherine gallagher. if that’s not sacreligious, i mean.

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