you knew it was inevitable.

of course, it will never top my all-time favorite: furry happy monsters.

c’mon monsters — you don’t have to cry!

oh. if only mike mills would marry me. then again, we both have sons with the same name. could make step-parenting a challenge. (not to mention the pesky fact i’m already spoken for.)


7 Responses to “1-2-3-4”

  1. Thanks, Wreke! That was a nice way to start the day!!

  2. […] every once in a while a singer comes around who I just really like.  My blogging (and USY) friend Wrekehavoc posted today a video from Sesame Street which had Feist as the guest on the show singing her hit […]

  3. Oh, that was fun. I’d recently seen the Feist one, but I’d never seen Furry Happy Monsters. I can see why it’s your all time favorite!

  4. Omigosh I LOVE Furry Happy Monsters!!!

  5. furry happy monsters is one of my favorites too.. (OK the cooperation song too!)

  6. Jen Jen Says:

    What about “Chuckie, Chuckie you’re the one”


  7. jen,

    i live in fear for the day BC meets your brother. she already can sing:

    (to the tune of rubber duckie)

    chuckie, chuckie, you’re the one.
    you make lifetime not much fun!
    chuckie, chuckie you’re the very worst kid in town! (why don’t you drown?)

    chuckie, chuckie, joy of joys.
    when i hit you, you make noise,
    chuckie, chuckie, i’m not awfully fond of you.”

    damn, we were mean. 😉

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