ants marching


the heavy rains, probably combined with my stellar ability to keep up with the massive crumbs and spills that the kids (especially hellboy) rain down upon the floor have resulted in a ton of ants visiting us. to be fair, they started about a month ago, one or two intrepid souls (souls? do ants have souls? brains?) trotting around the table where we eat. easily smooshed and removed. (hey — don’t confuse me with sharon stone and her treatment of tarantulas.)

but last night at dinner, BS noticed a swarm (swarm? what is a group of ants called? a gaggle? a colony? a political party?) by the table, right where hellboy had spilled an entire cup of apple juice the night before. i had cleaned it up with a lot more than just soap, water and paper towels, but evidently, that was not enough; those ants picked up the trail of sweet stuff and off they ran. so off i ran to the store to buy ammonia; and with it in his possession, BS started his radical clean, followed by some ant bait he had on hand. (note to self: must figure out where he keeps this stuff.)

this morning, there are a bajillion ants swarming in and around this ant trap thingy he has set up. i’m afraid to let the kids eat at the table, though jools has no such fear.

i really like nature; i just don’t like nature when it shows up in my house looking for its next meal.

(warning to the raccoons who use my trash can as a diner: it won’t be long before i attach bungee cords to the can and you’ll have to dine elsewhere.)


5 Responses to “ants marching”

  1. We battled ants at the beginning of the summer. Sorry if they moved to your house. We eventually found their HUGE nest in our shed, in some of those paper bags the County gives out for yard waste in the Spring and Fall. Sadly, I found it because I went to get one of those bags and 500 million ants promptly dropped all over. After running around the yard like a crazy woman – and feeling ants on me ALL DAY – Ed had the presence of mind to get the Raid and we haven’t heard from them again – knock on wood.

  2. I dunno about bungee cords, but a nice, heavy brick or two on top of our trash can lid have been pretty preventative. Dash had raccoon nightmares for a short while, when one was snacking near the car and wouldn’t move (this was during winter’s short days and we were starting the daily commute).

  3. First off, it is a colony of ants. Second we battled with ants for years. Are they the normal black looking ants but a little bigger? Or are then smaller little guys. If the former, they may be carpenter ants, and that could be a big problem. The nest must be found quickly. If it goes too long, they will establish child nests and then it becomes harder and harder. One way to find the nest is to see if you can find where they are coming from and follow back.

    Be very careful with RAID and other srays in the house. They can be dangerous for your kids. I highly recommend an exterminator. It tooks us three visits from the exterminator over 18 months to rid ourselves of this problem, and I would hate to see it go that long for you, since you just seem to have found the problem now.

    I can tell you lots more if you want through email (unfortunately, I am a bit of an expert)

  4. Yep – exterminator! I tried to wage my own battle with all sorts of toxic and non toxic chemicals and I just could not win. It was one of those things where every morning I would wonder where I would find them next. I already had pest control on contract for rat issues so I called him in for the ants – he found the two ant hills on my property, and must have done a darn good job of eradicating them because that was at least two summers ago and I’ve never seen another one. Not even around the BBQ which older son uses a lot and often does not quite clean up properly.

  5. My MIL poisoned herself with ant spray. Ever since that happened (she’s fine now, but was ill for a while) I’ve been happier with ants than with poisons. Be very careful with sprays in enclosed areas.

    Also? Ants really don’t taste too bad. Sorta peppery. 😉

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