lift me up

i’ve just returned from lifting at the gym. it was uneventful, i am glad to report. the only one there from tuesday was the original man, who stared at me when i walked in. i grinned big and said, “HI!” and he left me alone after that. there were several other men in there, and eventually, one other incredibly fit woman. no one paid attention to me (though one guy was staring at the other woman at one point. i only noticed because i was waiting for the barbell, and he was waiting, in between reps with the barbell, watching her. still not wonderful, but whatever.), and i paid little attention to them.

it was a beautiful thing.

exercise lifts me up. i seriously end up sad when i cannot take care of myself the way i need to. if i keep this up for life, i may end up corraling some of you into becoming a sort of online workout club. i want you all to grow old with me and to feel as good as this 🙂 it’s great to do cardio, but i feel like women don’t get a strong enough message to do strength training. gaining muscular strength is where it’s at, as those old hipsters would have said. you help your bones, you help maintain (and obtain, in my case) a better weight situation (especially since muscle burns more calories than does fat), and you probably can kick someone’s ass in a dark alley.

(just kidding on that last one. well, at least for me, anyway.)

and no, you don’t have to spend your life on machines. in fact, when i am using machines, i am more likely to “cheat” and be too comfortable. (in other words, yes. i am actually doing pushups.) (commence laughter.) the workout i’m following, which uses few machines, lasts only about 35 minutes and a three-day/week commitment. it’s great to do cardio on two or three of the other days if you like. but i see these cardio bunnies on the elliptical, men and women. they spend an hour on a machine and don’t push themselves much. (there’s one woman who regularly reads the Washington Post on one of the machines. you should see her toss the sports section.) if you don’t push yourself to a higher intensity, you’re not really getting the full benefit of the time.

of course, i have my little POS hot pink sansa clip with me, loaded with my usual assemblage of weird songs. (who knew that i was thinking i could clean up for christmas would be an inspirational workout song?) at some point, i would love to start amassing suggestions for workout playlists which don’t include any current crappy pop. (i’m very open to new music; i’m just not open to the stuff that stuffs up the Top 40.) if you’ve any suggestions, drop me a comment.

after all, i need a change. i may be the only person who hangs out on the elliptical tripping to this:

i probably look like a complete dork, but it’s almost a religious experience 😉

well the madcap laughed at the man on the border…


10 Responses to “lift me up”

  1. Oh yes, one thing my three years at “wimpy” Curves taught me is that I do feel better when I do as much strength training as aerobic. That’s why I do my best with my at home workouts (since I cannot afford and dont have time for the full gym experience), to alternate weights with aerobics. And yeah, I do feel better in my summer tank tops when I’ve been working my arms 😉

  2. sorry i went off on curves. it just didn’t do enough for me. but i absolutely agree == you can do these things at home! i belong to a community center (as regular gyms are way too expensive) so i can have a crack at the weights, but a lot of these things you can do at home — with or without weights 🙂

    i dream of the day when i can feel good about meself sleeveless 🙂

  3. I would totally be up for an online workout club. My new job has a nice gym, with elliptical trainers, with personal trainers, and classes, even. NICE.

  4. Hey Ho huff the talbot…….please leave us here close our eyes to the octopus ride.

  5. i’m so glad i’m not the only syd fan around here. my husband just laughs at me, madcap that he is. maybe your next band could be named Grasshoppers green Herbarian band 😉

    isn’t it good to be lost in the wood?

  6. Oh dearie, there was no insulting done! I completely agree. I HAD to start out at a wimpy place because before Curves I had done nothing but aerobics my whole life. And it was perfect for me. But then, I hit a wall and I knew I needed to get more aggressive.

    I just had to yank your chain 😉

  7. I do like my gym, too. It’s an office gym and doesn’t really have the pumping, dance-club quality that I’d really enjoy (like at larger gyms I used to go to in DC), but I would be up for the online workout club too. Since I joined The Daily Plate, I’ve been posting blog entries there about my workouts, but there’s one I might post up on tied to my apron strings.

  8. The syd song ‘has a great beat’. Try this?

  9. congrats on getting into an exercise regime! you should treat yourself and hire a personal trainer 1x/week. they’ll teach you stuff you never thought of -and- push you to do stuff you thought you couldn’t do.

  10. I have the same pink Sansa clip and LOVE it for working out, riding Metro, etc. I subscribe to Rhapsody so between that and loading on tunes from our CD collection, it’s always fresh.

    I’ve been exercising since Jan 2 and am feeling and looking so much better. Who knew!!

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